How to delete messages sent on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram

Everyone can make a mistake when sending a message on social media or messaging apps, so here's how to delete an embarrassing text

An embarrassing spelling mistake, a mistaken identity, or a message sent at a wrong time that we regretted. There are an almost infinite number of reasons why you might want to delete a text sent in a chat on a messaging app. Here's how to get it done on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and the other most widely used apps these days. 

Deleting a message we've regretted is a really simple task on almost any app and even on the major social media outlets. On both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger the steps to take are also very similar. Both applications are part of the "Facebook group" of the rest. As often happens in the various instant messaging applications, even on WhatsApp and Messenger we will have a short period of time to delete messages sent by mistake. But now let's cut the crap and see service by service how to delete a message or post sent by mistake in our most used apps.

Facebook Messenger

Let's start with the messaging app integrated with Facebook, namely Messenger. Only since very few weeks, Facebook has decided to provide its users with a feature to delete, within 10 minutes, messages sent by mistake or that we regret. On Messenger we can delete any type of message sent: from photos to videos up to texts. Delete a message on Messenger is the same as WhatsApp. Just press on the text we want to delete and from the pop-up menu select the item Delete for all. Piece of cake.


On Instagram you can remove messages sent in the Direct section. Basically the direct message section that is becoming more and more important within the social media for photos. Again, it's really easy to delete a message here. We go to the Direct section, select the chat where there is the message we want to delete and then press on the text in question. A pop-up menu will appear and from there we have to select the option "Undo Send", and we will delete the inconvenient message.


We close this guide with the most used messaging application ever. WhatsApp. Delete a message on WhatsApp is really easy. Let's go to the chat where the text is located that we do not like, select it by pressing on it with your finger and from the pop-up menu we tap on the voice Delete for all. Warning, both on WhatsApp and Instagram that Facebook Messenger user or users with whom we are chatting will be notified by a notification that we have deleted a message. However, this is always a minor problem compared to an embarrassing message.