How to delete sent messages on Messenger

Finally you can delete sent messages on Facebook Messenger. Here's how to delete a message within ten minutes of sending it

Facebook has introduced a great new feature for all subscribers. Now you can delete messages sent on Messenger, as long as the removal takes place within 10 minutes of sending. Already for some time there was the possibility to delete the conversations of a chat, but these disappeared only for the sender.

Now messages can be deleted for everyone. It was Mark Zuckerberg who was the first to use this feature in April 2018. At the time, it was discovered that the Facebook CEO had deleted some sentences that could be compromising for his company. The controversy raised, convinced him to extend the feature to all members, to avoid discrimination and appease the discontent. From the first days of February, all users, including Italian ones, can cancel sentences and contents sent via chat. Let's see how to delete a message sent on Facebook Messenger.

How to delete a message sent on Messenger

The messaging app delivers about 100 billion messages every day, not counting content of all kinds, from photos to audio files. Until recently, it wasn't possible to delete even a single word of online conversations. Until Mark Zuckerberg in autumn 2018 announced a new feature: the ability to go back and remove communications sent on Messenger chat.

Doing it is very simple, the process is similar to that of WhatsApp. You need to hold down the sent message that you want to delete, and tap on Remove. At this point, a window pops up that lets you choose between two options Remove for all or Remove for you. To make the message invisible to both interlocutors you should choose the first option, accompanied by the following warning: "You will permanently remove this message for all chat members, who can see that you have removed the message and report it anyway."

In fact, at this point no one will be able to read the sentence but in its place will appear the words "the user has removed the message" that will be visible to all. In short, the recipient will still be informedĀ about the removal of the text by the sender.

The update is already available on the Facebook Messenger app. Despite this, some users are still unable to view the feature. But there's no need to worry: it's just a matter of time. The advice is to check if new updates of the app are available on the Google Play Store and App Store.