How to delete Telegram account permanently

In this article, we will provide you a complete guide on how to delete a Telegram account permanently. Read it here! Find out how to do it on Free Technology.

The use of Telegram for instant messaging is increasingly frequent and widespread among a significant number of users. But even though the number of subscribers is always increasing and the performance of this application is always being taken care of, for various reasons it may happen that you want to delete your Telegram account. How to do it?

How to delete Telegram account

So it is interesting to understand how to delete Telegram account. First of all, from your browser you will have to access the account deactivation web page and type your phone number in the empty field. You will then have to click on the word Netx, which will lead to a confirmation code being sent directly to Telegram. This code will have to be entered in the field under the words Confirmation Code, and click on Sign In. The procedure ends by going to fill in the box with the words "Why are you leaving?", with which the social network asks for the reasons why you decided to delete your account. Finally, simply click on Done to confirm the abandonment.

What does deleting Telegram account entail

Deleting Telegram account is an irreversible operation: once done, there is no going back. In addition, it is good to know that making the deletion means, in addition to no longer appearing in the systems of this service, the elimination of all messages and materials received and sent. Moreover, the groups you belong to and public chats will no longer be associated with the deleted account.

What to do if you have second thoughts?

If after performing the task of deleting Telegram account permanently you change your mind, you can always re-register to the service, even using the same phone number you had before and even the same username, but you will still be as a new user and you will not be able to recover messages and chats that you have deleted.

The self-destruction of Telegram account

There are also cases in which Telegram deletes an account on its own initiative. In fact, the instant messaging service provides a kind of self-destruction for accounts that have been inactive for too long. Basically, when an account is considered no longer active by the service, it is deleted automatically. That's also why if you don't want to unsubscribe from Telegram, it's always a good idea to log in to the service once in a while.

Also because account deletion also involves the removal of archived messages, media and contacts. In this regard, if you can't guarantee access with a certain frequency, you can reduce the risk of self-destruction by going to change the time frame beyond which you face deletion. How to do this? After launching the application you have to go to the settings icon, in the shape of a gear, and click on "Privacy and security".

From the screen that appears you have to go to the "Delete my account" section and click on "If far for...". Here you will then have to indicate the maximum amount of inactivity time after which you want the deletion to take place. The possible options are: one month, 3 months, 6 months, one year.

If you are not sure about deleting Telegram account

It may happen that you are not sure about the choice of deleting Telegram account. In this regard, before performing an operation whose effects are irreversible, you can opt for an intermediate solution, such as removing the app from your device. In this way, if you have second thoughts, you can easily reinstall the app without having to go through the entire registration process. At the same time, however, you won't receive any more messages or notifications, so it will be like no longer being subscribed. By the way, uninstalling the application is very simple.

To get rid of Telegram from your Android smartphone or tablet, just keep your finger on the app's icon until you see a menu with a series of options, including uninstall. If, on the other hand, you have an iOS device, you have to press on the app icon until it starts to move, then click on the x that appears in the top left corner and select "Delete".

What to do with Telegram if your smartphone is stolen

The Telegram staff then provides a useful procedure to block Telegram if your phone is stolen. However, it is necessary to have access to the phone number or the application from other devices as well. In this case, you can go to the Telegram settings, in the Privacy and Security section, and enable "Two-step verification": so the phone number alone will not be enough to access the account.

From settings, you can then terminate the Telegram session on the stolen device, so that whoever stole the phone cannot connect. Otherwise, a solution, also to prevent a possible thief from accessing sensitive data, an extreme option may be just to delete the Telegram account.