How to delete your Google account: procedure and tips

In this simple and complete guide we will explain how to delete your Google account. Discover on Libero Tecnologia everything you need to know to delete it.

There are many reasons why you may decide to delete your Google account. In many cases it remains unused for months after deciding to switch to another platform. In many cases the switch from Android to iOS is crucial in this regard. You often use your Google account for the Gmail service, which becomes almost completely useless if you opt for the email service on your iPhone.

Deleting Google Account

The procedure for deleting your Google account is quite simple. You can do everything with your smartphone. However, there are some substantial differences depending on the operating system of reference. In the case of an Android phone or tablet, you must access the settings by clicking on the gear wheel, which is easily identifiable in the home screen. Once this step is done, you'll have to access the "Account" page. Now you just have to locate the "Google" option, tapping on the "Remove" option, indicating the reference account, in case there is more than one.

In case you want to do this from iPhone or iPad, with iOS operating system, you'll have to go to the device's settings, locating the section dedicated to linked accounts. To access the settings you have to click on the gear wheel visible on the home screen. After logging in, you will find the "Passwords and accounts" item. A new screen will open, in which you'll have to click on the "Gmail" option, present in the "Account" section. At this point all you have to do is click on "Delete account". You'll also be asked to confirm the operation by clicking on "Delete from iPhone" or "Delete from iPad". In a few moments everything will be finished.

You can obviously delete your Google account from the Chrome browser. The first thing to do is obviously to launch the search engine. At this point you'll have to click on the photo at the top right of the screen, making sure that you are logged into your profile. By clicking on the three dots at the top right, you can select the item "Settings" from the menu that appears. You can log out but, before clicking on "Log out", you will have to check the item "Remove existing data from this device as well". In this way, once you log out, you will be sure that none of your data remains available to other users on the device in question.

To permanently delete your Google account you need to access the browser settings, after logging in. If you select the "Delete your account or services" option, you will be asked for your password again. You will be able to easily locate the "Delete Google Account" page. It is good to know how any content will be deleted and will be unusable in the future. You will be asked to confirm the deletion and then click on "Delete Account" as the final and definitive step.

Backup Google Account

The first thing you need to do is to sign in to your Google account. Once you have done that, you will have to click on your profile photo, located in the top right corner. In case there is no personalized shot, you will see the initial letter of your name. Once clicked, you'll have to locate the "Google Account" button. A new page will open, where you can choose the option "Delete your account or services". This is present in the "Account preferences" box. Then you can click on "Delete Google account and data".

For such an operation a new authentication is required. You'll have to enter your account password and then click on "Delete Google account and data". You can then download your data, choosing the Google products of your interest in the "Select data to include" section. You'll be able to customize the backup, indicating on and off next to the various elements.

The system also offers the possibility to select two of the available formats: Zip or Tgz. Then you will choose the delivery method, that is, the way you want to get the files: direct download link, Dropbox, One Drive or Drive. You can then click on "Create archive" and, after waiting for the operation to be completed, select "Download" if you want to get the file containing your saved data immediately.