How to disable Snap Map and avoid being tracked

Snapchat allows you to know at any time the location of your friends. The feature, however, can be disabled, here's how

User privacy is one of the main problems of social platforms. From Facebook to Twitter, via Instagram and Snapchat, every company has addressed the problem and to limit access to private user data. But not everything has always gone right.

For example, the explosion of Stories (images and videos posted to one's personal account and deleted after 24 hours) has done nothing but endanger people's privacy. In fact, among the filters that users can use to edit images there are geographical ones, that is, that geolocate the person's location. Next to the user's face, there is the city where the image was taken. And to use this data, the application must access the smartphone's GPS and the user's private information.

On Snapchat, the situation is even more worrying. The social application that is very popular among young people offers the Snap Map service that allows you to know the location of your friends at any time. Users are geolocated through the use of geographic filters. With one of the latest updates, however, Snapchat has changed some features of Snap Map: the application does not geolocate the location of the user only when he posts a Story, but follows him throughout the day. If someone wants to find out where their friend is, just check Snap Map. Logically, this feature puts users' privacy at serious risk, but you can change it quite easily via apps. Here's how to do it.

Enable Ghost Mode

Snap Maps automatically activates when users decide to use filters with geolocation. If you've made the mistake of allowing Snapchat to control your location, you can fix it. It will be enough to disable Snap Maps. To do this, you need to go into Settings, press Show My Location and turn on Ghost Mode. That way nobody will know where you are at that precise moment. In case you want to turn it back on, you just need to do the same process and disable Ghost Mode.

Deciding who can see your photos on Snap Maps

On Snap Maps you can also decide who can see your location. Instead of activating Ghost Mode, you will very simply prevent certain people from accessing your information. To put some people on the black list, you'll have to go into Settings, press on Show My Location and then on Select Friends. A window will open that will let you choose the people with whom you want to share the location.