How to disable touchscreen in Windows 10

Do you want to disable your laptop's touchscreen in Windows 10? There is an easy procedure to use the device in the traditional way. Here's how to do it

Do you have a touchscreen laptop in Windows 10? This system allows you to use the computer by touching the screen, thus converting it into a tablet. By now, 2-in-1 computers are very popular, but often the active touchscreen can become annoying, especially when you want to use the device in the traditional way, with mouse and keyboard.

The touchscreen becomes a problem when, for example, you inadvertently touch the screen. This happens if, for example, you move the computer from one place to another, or if you are working with a colleague who rests his finger on the touchscreen. These cases are far from rare, but fortunately there is a safe and effective procedure to disable the touchscreen in Windows 10 in just a few steps. The feature can also be disabled temporarily, but it certainly comes in very handy. Let's see how to do it.

Disable Touchscreen in Windows 10

Do you want to disable the touchscreen on your laptop? There is a very quick procedure you can perform on your Windows 10. To get started, access Device Manager (Device Manager for those who have set Windows to English). You can do this from the Control Panel or by doing an internal search of the system. In the latter case, just go to the Start button and start typing in what you need.

Device Manager keeps track of all the devices available on your computer. From here you can then change their settings, including disabling them.

Once in Device Manager, click on Human Interface Device (HID). You will see several entries, including HID Compatible Touch Screen which should be the last one in the list. Double clicking on the entry will open the management window: click on the Drivers tab and in the new screen click on Disable. Now confirm your choice when the question "If you disable the device, it will not work. Disable it?" To proceed and finish the operation just click on Yes. From this moment, the touchscreen will not work. To test it, just touch it and nothing will happen. To reactivate it, just follow the same procedure but, once on HID Compatible Touch Screen, right-click on it and choose Enable.

The activation this time will happen immediately, without a confirmation window. Also, in both cases there is no need to restart the computer.