How to do hard reset on iOS and Android

In this article we'll explain what hard reset consists of and what are the steps to follow on Android and iOS smartphones. Find out here how to do it.

When your smartphone starts to get too full of apps and data, its use can become difficult: everything slows down, many apps won't start, each operation takes forever. At this point, the only solution may be to hard reset the system. But what is a hard reset? A hard reset is an operation that completely erases all data, saved apps, documents and current settings, returning the device to factory settings.

This way you can solve all problems: from eradicating any viruses or malware that have infected the system, to resolving various software conflicts. If you also have an external SD card, you can decide to apply the reset to that too.

Hard reset: preliminary operations

First of all, it will be essential to save all the data on your memory, so that you don't lose any important photos or documents during the hard reset operations. So you can copy your data to your PC and also take advantage of Google's cloud services. There are several apps that allow this type of operation, such as Titanium Backup, Easy Backup & Restore, Google Photos. Whatsapp chats, if you want to keep them, can be saved on Google Drive. Finally, it is important to make sure that your contacts are synchronized with your Gmail address book so that you don't lose any of them.

Hard reset Android: how to proceed

At this point you need to understand how to do the hard reset. You'll need to go to the "Settings" menu of your smartphone, recognizable by the gear icon, and select the "Backup and restore" item. You'll then have to select the "Restore factory data" option. At this point the system will ask you for your Android's unlock PIN.

Once you've entered it, just click on "Restore phone" and "Erase all": this will completely format your device and restore it to factory settings. Android hard reset is an irreversible operation, so it should be implemented only after saving everything. You should also remember that Samsung hard reset will require the same kind of procedure as, say, Huawei hard reset, as the procedure depends on the type of operating system and not on the brand.

If you want, you can also format the expandable memory. First you have to set it as primary memory, then you have to go back to the "Settings" menu, then click on "Storage and USB" and then on "Android SD Card". Then you have to click on the three dots that appear in the upper right corner and select "Format as portable memory".

The hard reset of the Iphone

If you want to do the hard reset of the Iphone, that is with an iOS operating system, the steps are few and simple. You will have to press simultaneously, for a long time, the "Home" and "On/Off" keys: this will lead to the reboot of the device. At this point you'll have to release the keys when the boot screen appears with the Apple logo. In this way, the device will be formatted correctly and you'll just have to start using it again as usual.