How to do lead generation in an effective way

Every brand that wants to increase the pool of potential customers will have to use a lead generation strategy: here's what it is and some tips


Veronica Nicosia Scientific Journalist

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A company that approaches the design of its own marketing strategy will have a very specific goal: to ensure that potential customers of its service or products buy it, thus obtaining conversions and expanding its online business.

In order to generate conversions and increase the pool of its customers, the tools that must not be missing are basically two and complementary: effective advertising campaigns and the generation of new contacts with potential customers, better known as lead generation. Planning and carrying out an effective advertising campaign means increasing the visibility of the brand online and then attracting a certain type of audience, which is precisely made up of potential customers or "leads". Once the interest is attracted, however, it is necessary to cultivate it with lead generation campaigns equally well planned: an email inserted in a newsletter is a first step towards building a relationship with what could be the next customer of the company.

Lead and Lead Generation: why they are useful to the company

The first question to ask is what is a "lead". This term refers to the potential buyer of a product or service offered by the company. The lead is the person who is interested in the brand and in what it offers, who leaves his contacts in a form or subscribes to the company's newsletter, but who has not yet become a customer.

Acting a Lead Generation strategy, the aim is to collect the data of the user who is strongly interested in the brand, so as to start a first business relationship that allows the company to take the desired step forward: the conversion of that interest into a real purchase. Lead Generation is therefore the set of all marketing actions aimed at the acquisition and generation of contacts interested in buying a product or a service.

How to plan an effective Lead Generation campaign

After establishing why Lead Generation is important and what its objectives are, the time comes to understand how to plan an effective campaign that will bring the desired results. The campaign must be carefully planned by coordinating the different tools available, such as email marketing initiatives, social media marketing and digital advertising and remarketing campaigns.

Among the tools you can use there is the possibility to create a special landing page that is aimed at generating and converting contacts, for example asking for data entry in a form in exchange for a quote. You can also use a content marketing strategy, offering high-quality, attention-grabbing content such as articles, podcasts, newsletters, e-books or webinars. The higher the quality of the content, the better the image returned by the company, which will appear more trustworthy and knowledgeable in its field.

An effective lead generation campaign requires specific marketing skills, resources and time investment, and not every company may already have the right person. Italiaonline's Lead Generation is one of the consulting services that can help you plan your campaign: experts will work with your company to identify the objectives to be achieved, design the most appropriate strategy and follow it through every step, in order to optimize the budget to be invested and guarantee the achievement of the desired results.