How to download old versions of iOS apps

If your iPhone or iPad can't be updated to the latest version of iOS, you can use apps by downloading an old version. Here's how to do it

One of the main features of iOS, Apple's mobile operating system, is the immediate availability of updates for all devices. When the release of a new version of the operating system is announced, within a few hours it can be downloaded by all users. A feature that makes it preferable to Android, which takes a long time to make available to users the latest version of the OS (but the blame lies with the companies that produce smartphones).

On iOS, along with the update of the operating system, there are also new versions of applications that must support the features introduced by Apple. But as you may know, not all Apple devices receive the latest OS update. From year to year, support is removed from older devices, so they can't use the latest features developed by the Cupertino company.

But in addition to not being able to use the new features, you won't even be able to use the apps that need the latest version of the operating system. What to do? Buy a device supported by the latest update? Of course not. Even if you have an iPhone or iPad with a few years on its back, you can download an older version of the app we need. And without having to be a smartphone expert. Just use a feature available by default in the App Store.

Download old versions from the App Store

If you have compatibility issues between your mobile operating system and the apps on your Apple device, you can download an old version of the app. The procedure is very simple: first you have to access the App Store and then click on the icon with the purchased apps. This will open a list with all the apps you have downloaded over time. At this point, click on the app you should use and a message will appear warning you that the application is not compatible with the version of the operating system on your iPhone or iPad. At the same time it will ask you if you would like to download an older version of the app that is also supported by your operating system. If you accept the proposal, the app will start downloading.

When you start using the old iOS app, you have to pay attention to bugs. Since it's not an app supported by Apple or the software house that made it yet, it's possible that there are glitches and bugs that undermine its stability.