How to download the Green Pass on smartwatch and Apple Watch

The smartwatch can become the most convenient place to save the Green Pass and show it in a hurry, without needing the smartphone or the printed sheet

The Green Pass is the European certification that allows us to access public events, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, bars and other commercial activities open to the public by proving that we have had the Covid vaccination or a (negative) swab. It is the tool chosen by the governments of European countries, including Italy, to combine social life with the prevention of contagion and, for this reason, those who do a lot of social life for sure are forced to show the Green Pass often.

The Green Pass consists of a QR code to show to the control officer, who will scan it with the official app Verify C19 to validate it and, only after, allow us access to the event or activity that provides the Green Pass. It is possible to show the green certificate in various ways: printed on a sheet of paper, saved on the smartphone or, why not, after downloading it on the smartwatch. No one forbids us, in fact, to download our Green Pass on the Apple Watch or any other type of smartwatch: the screens of modern smartwatches, in fact, have a resolution more than sufficient to reproduce a QR Code perfectly readable by the app C19 Verification. Here's how to download the Green Pass on your smartwatch to have it always with you, even if you don't have your smartphone.

Download Green Pass as an image

The easiest way to download the Green Pass on a smartwatch is to save it as an image, or PDF, and upload it to the watch memory.This method doesn't require the installation of additional apps and is possible on both Apple Watch and smartwatches running Google's Wear OS, Samsung's Tizen OS, or any other.

Saving a Green Pass saved on the smartwatch as an image or PDF, however, is quite inconvenient because we'll have to go looking for it among the photos in the gallery, or among the files on the watch. That's why many prefer to use a third-party app that simplifies things quite a bit.

Downloading the Green Pass with the app

To save the Green Pass on an Apple Watch there are several apps available. The two "official" choices are the IO and Immuni apps, both available for the Apple Watch, which are used exactly like their smartwatch counterparts.

Or you can use the Stocard app: this is an app for saving loyalty cards (such as supermarket cards) on smartphones and smartwatches, to which was recently added the function to save the QR Code of the Green Pass. It will be necessary to frame the QR Code with the Stocard app (it's fine either printed, or on screen on a computer or another smartphone) after choosing "Add Green Pass" (+ button at the top right in the app for smartphones).

After scanning the QR Code, the Green Pass will be recognized by Stocard that will show it together with any loyalty cards. Just open it and, from the menu, add it to the Apple Watch. Unfortunately, however, at the moment it is not yet possible to save the Italian Green Passes among the payment cards added to Google Pay.