How to download videos from Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon Prime Video service allows users to download movies and TV series and watch them offline. Here's how to do it on PCs and smartphones

After years of streaming being the go-to for several Internet services now the trend is reversing. Users, out of a need to save battery and data consumption, are increasingly looking for platforms where they can also download video content. Services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video offer users the ability to watch episodes of their favorite TV series offline as well.

Amazon Prime Video has been available in Italy since December 14, 2016 and is free for those who have an Amazon Prime subscription. To watch streaming movies and TV series, all you need is a good internet connection. However, not everyone will want to see the content online, also because on the road or on similar occasions it is not always possible to have a stable connection. Amazon Prime Video allows you to download episodes or movies and watch them offline.

How to download videos on Amazon Prime Video on desktop

Let's start with the basics. You'll be able to download movies and TV series either via desktop or through the Amazon Prime Video app.

In the first case, you'll have to sign in to the service using your Amazon credentials, select which content to download and click the Download button. Not all content can be downloaded, so you have to pay close attention to the presence of the button. However, there is a download limit that you have to comply with and it is set at a maximum of fifteen video contents.

How to download videos on Amazon Prime Video on app

The Amazon Prime app is available for smartphones and tablets, both on iOS and Android operating systems.  Before we look at how to download, it's important to remember that downloaded videos have a timeline. The timelines vary from title to title. Once the available time has expired, we won't be able to watch the content offline anymore and will have to re-download it.

The operation is the same on both iOS and Android. First we connect our device to Wi-Fi and launch the Amazon Prime VIdeo application by logging in using our Amazon account credentials. At this point we select the video that interests us and open the details page. To do this just click on the entry that will appear under the video. In the Details section there will be the word Download, let's click there to start the download phase. At this point we can choose the quality of the video. Needless to say, the higher the resolution, the more space the movie or series will occupy on our device. Once we start downloading, we'll have a page available for management, where we can stop or pause the saving of the video. Once the title has been downloaded, all we have to do is go to the Download page and click on Watch Now to start playback, which will obviously start even if we are offline.