How to edit PDF online

There are some very useful platforms on the net that allow you to quickly edit a PDF document. And they are also free of charge. Here are some of the best ones

Creating a PDF file from a text document is very easy. Most writing programs allow with a quick step to export a doc file to PDF. The problem is the reverse procedure: editing a PDF document. A real pain in the ass.

You've tried, but you didn't succeed. For example, you noticed that the PDF reader - the software that reads the file - didn't allow you to make any changes. This is normal: it's just a reader. Not content with that, you may have tried to open it in Word. No luck. After doing a search on the Internet, you found some tools, but the results were terrible. In the end, disconsolate, you decided to rewrite the document from scratch. A pity, especially if the file is very long. Is it possible to do something about it? Sure. You can find very useful platforms on the net to edit a PDF document. And they are also free.


The first tool to make changes to a PDF file is called PDF Pro. To use it, you just need to log on to the site and upload the document you want to edit online. PDF Pro offers numerous services. You can edit the document directly, deleting or adding parts or inserting images. In addition, the tool also lets you sign the file. Alternatively, the PDF can also be converted into a simple Word document or an image. The files can be saved in the cloud. The site claims to be very secure, as it uses the https protocol. The free version allows users to upload and edit only three documents per month.


One of the main things that strikes you about FormSwift, once you open the editor's site, is its clear and immediate home page. Users can choose whether to create a document using one of the more than 500 templates made available by the platform or edit the PDF file. In the latter case, simply upload the file to the site and make changes. What's more, by accessing it from your smartphone, FormSwift allows you to quickly turn a printed document into a PDF.


If for one reason or another the previous solutions didn't convince you, you might want to try using PDFescape. It is probably one of the most comprehensive PDF editors. Like the others, it allows you to edit the file, removing or adding parts of the document, and protect it with a password. In addition, users can also use the tool to fill in blanks (such as when you need to complete a form). In addition, PDFescape allows file sharing.

PDF Zorro

PDF Zorro is also a useful tool for editing a document online. It is simple to use. The operation is always the same. The file must necessarily be uploaded to the server to be edited. PDF Zorro, just like the others, allows you to make changes to the document: deletions, rotations, adding new pages, signing. Again, the online platform claims to be very secure. And it is also free of charge. Its main feature? It s also accessible from your smartphone.


The Sejda tool probably has no equal. It is definitely the most professional one. It provides a myriad of options with which to edit a PDF document. With Sejda, just to name a few examples, besides simple editing (corrections, additions, removals) you can delete pages, but most importantly create a PDF file from multiple documents. The tool is safe: the files are encrypted and automatically deleted from the server after 5 hours.