How to enable dark mode on Facebook Messenger

Love using Facebook Messenger at night? Here comes the Night Mode in the app. Here's how to activate it on your smartphone or tablet too.

Facebook Messenger launches a great new feature for those who love to message at night. In the messaging app comes the dark mode, which allows you to turn the chat background from white to black. The feature is particularly useful when sending and receiving messages from smartphones and tablets in a dark environment: in these cases the white screen fatigues the eyes.

The dark display, on the contrary, is more relaxing and invites you to use the app for more time. The Dark Mode will also be available on the new Android Q, the next update of the operating system of the green robot. So, after WhatsApp and Telegram, also on Messenger arrives the much requested function. To activate the Dark Mode on Messenger just send a simple emoji. Currently the tool is still in the testing phase, but soon it will spread to all the latest generation devices.

How to activate Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger   

Dark Mode is one of the most popular features of the moment. A few months ago it was announced its arrival on WhatsApp, while in some countries of the world it can be used in Telegram chat. In recent days, Facebook announced the introduction of Dark Mode on Messenger. Here's how it works.

Activating it is really simple: just send an emoji to the contact you are messaging with. The symbol to send is the slice of the moon (?).

After sending it to the person concerned, a suggestive cascade of moons appears on the display of the smartphone or tablet accompanied by a pop-up window that warns: "You've found the night mode!". In the Italian language version, the warning message informs the user that he is one of the few to have been chosen for the Dark Mode test.

To see his screen go dark just tap the OK button in the pop-up. This feature is active on both Android devices and iPhones and iPads, but currently its use is still limited to a segment of users. To disable it, just tap on the appropriate "Dark Mode" item present at the top of the chat. In addition, the feature is present in the app's Settings, but even then you can only find it on certain devices.

To use it of course you need to update Facebook Messenger to the latest version available.

In short, night mode is a real revolution for those who love to message at night, and it certainly represents a leap forward for eye health. It also saves battery consumption, especially if your smartphone has an OLED screen.