How to enable dictation on Word

In this article, you'll find out how to enable the dictation program on Word in Windows and macOS. Here's how to write text using your own voice.

A constantly evolving device the computer, from product design to functions that are always new and to be explored. Ready to meet even our physical problems. It may happen, in fact, to be affected by arthritis, tendinitis, or having to leave your hands or arms at rest because of a small domestic accident. If you need to use your computer for urgent deliveries or if you don't want to fall too far behind in your work, you can use the Word dictation tool to get around these inconveniences.

How to dictate in Word instead of typing

How far the world has come from the first typewriter to today's computers! Just this fascinating tool, conceived as a machine to automate some abilities of the human mind, has rewritten the history of information and communication. There are those who use it for work and those who use it for leisure, but it is now well established that when you are physically unable to use your computer, some anxiety may arise, because of the backlog that will accumulate.

No panic! One solution to consider is to write by literally communicating the content you have in mind to write, using your voice, with the ad hoc voice dictation program for Word, available on Windows, macOS, as well as Android and iOS/iPadOS. First of all, you must have a good quality microphone, connected to the chosen device, even those built into headphones are fine. You'll also need an Internet connection.

Voice Dictation on Word in Windows

If you have the Windows operating system, you can use the built-in voice dictation feature. How to enable it? First, you have to log into your Microsoft account using Edge, Firefox or Chrome. Go to "Home" and then to "Dictation". You will be prompted to enable microphone permissions. Start Word by opening a new or saved document and move the cursor to the area where you want to add text.

Press Win+H simultaneously to bring up a microphone icon. Start speaking, punctuating the words carefully, and Word will enter the text from the location of the cursor. At the end of the line it will automatically wrap. You'll also find commands to enter punctuation and all the alphanumeric components of the keyboard. To delete a word, you must say "Delete", while to stop dictation in Word, you must type a key on the keyboard, for example Enter, to create another paragraph. The word "End" to stop the voice dictation.

The system is very accurate, also thanks to the link with Microsoft's cloud to connect and resume the words most consistent with what you dictated. If you do run into problems, make sure the microphone permissions are unlocked and online access is enabled by checking in the "Settings" path, then to "Privacy," then to "Voice Commands" and into the "Settings" path. Then go to "Privacy" and finally to "Microphone". Italian dictation is possible in Word, even in a document created or edited with the Word app online. Just open the OneDrive page, go to the "Go to my OneDrive" button and sign in with a Microsoft account.

Dictation on Word for macOS

If you have a Mac, you can take advantage of the macOS dictation system to type text into a Word document, the Microsoft program, with the command of your voice. Italian language is integrated into this program. To activate it, click on the "System Preferences" icon, then type in the "Keyboard" icon, go to the "Dictation" tab, check "Yes" and proceed to "Enable Dictation". It is also advisable to check "Use Enhanced Dictation" to optimize the detection of spoken words.

Have this done, you'll have to wait a few minutes until the file to use this function is downloaded and installed. After that, close the settings window. Once you're there, start the Word for Mac program, open a new document or create one, move the cursor to the text area and start voice dictation by pressing the Fn key on the Mac keyboard twice. If you've done everything right, you'll see a microphone icon appear next to the program window. Once you're done with your Word dictation, go to the "Finish" item located under the microphone.

Wonders of technology, writing using your voice is a really useful opportunity, especially in case of a concrete need. All you need to do is to enable the dictation program on Word in the operating system installed on your specific device, and following these directions will make the process really easy.