How to enable two-factor authentication on WhatsApp

To make your WhatsApp profile more secure you need to enable two-factor authentication: here's how to do it

Improving the security of its users has always been one of WhatsApp's goals. Being the most widely used application in the world, it is necessary to offer people a service that is in step with the times and allows them to share images and videos without the danger of them ending up in the wrong hands.

In addition to end-to-end encryption that protects users' conversations, WhatsApp developers have introduced another very important feature: two-factor authentication. For those who don't know, two-step verification is the safest method at the moment to protect your online accounts. In order to access a service, in addition to the password you must also enter a code that is sent to your email or phone number. In this way, even if a hacker managed to get the login details, he could not enter because of the second layer of protection.

How to activate two-factor authentication on WhatsApp

Activating two-step authentication on WhatsApp is very simple, just follow a few simple steps. As a first thing you need to enter inside the Settings and then press on Account. At this point a new section will open and you will have to tap on "Two-step verification". A message will pop up explaining to the user the usefulness of two-factor authentication: "for added security, turn on two-step verification, which will require you to enter a PIN the next time you register your phone number on WhatsApp." By pressing the Activate button, you will be prompted for a six-digit code that you need to use every time you log into your WhatsApp account from a new phone. Before deciding on the secret PIN, you will also be able to enter an email address to perform the passcode recovery.

Why Enable Two-Factor Authentication on WhatsApp

Enabling two-step verification on WhatsApp does not change the way you use the messaging app. It is recommended to activate it for very simple reasons: it improves the security of your account and blocks access to hackers. This way, no one will be able to sneak into your WhatsApp account and steal your personal images.