How to enable Windows Hello on Windows 10 and sign in with a glance

Windows Hello is a simpler, more straightforward way to sign in to Windows 10 devices with just a glance or a tap. More security without typing passwords

Windows 10, Microsoft's latest operating system update, introduced the Windows Hello feature to increase the security of its devices while eliminating the hassle of having to type in a login password by hand, every time.

If, as is often the case, you forget your login credentials for your accounts, you're much less likely to forget your fingertips, eyes and face somewhere. The only problem is having accessories that get along with Windows 10, especially for those who use computers that are no longer very young. Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 and most PCs equipped with face and fingerprint recognition systems are already ready to use Windows Hello. Chi ha un vecchio computer o laptop con Windows 10, purtroppo, deve acquistare una videocamera compatibile.

Occhio alla webcam compatibile con Windows 10

Chi non ha intenzione di cambiare il proprio computer solo per usare la funzione Windows Hello, potrebbe decidere di acquistare anche solo una webcam compatibile. Windows Hello richiede, infatti, una fotocamera a infrarossi illuminata specializzata per il riconoscimento facciale o il rilevamento dell’iride. Uno dei modelli compatibili con questa funzionalità di sicurezza è la Razer Stargazer, la Tobii Eye Tracking Gaming oppure la SteelSeries Sentry Gaming Eye Tracker. Chi già dispone di un computer Windows 10 è pronto a dire Hello al nuovo sistema Microsoft. Let's see how to activate, then, this feature for face recognition.


Stargazer, one of the webcams compatible with Windows Hello

Quick and easy configuration

The first move is to click on the Windows 10 icon, at the bottom left, with the left mouse button and open the Start menu. Then go to Settings > Account. Once in the window of your profile, select the item Login Options from the menu on the left: here appears in the foreground the smile of Windows Hello with well in view the Configure button under the words Facial Recognition. The set-up is a matter of a moment and, once the system is restarted, you will be able to log in with a simple glance.

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