How to enter and change your password on Whatsapp

Are you afraid that someone might spy on WhatsApp and read your conversations? Protect them by putting a password or using fingerprint unlock

Between messages, photos, videos and voice notes, WhatsApp has quickly turned into a sort of treasure chest containing our innermost secrets. You should not be surprised, therefore, if there are dozens of applications online to spy on WhatsApp (although their effectiveness is all to be proven) or if some tricks allow you to read the WhatsApp conversations of another without having the phone.

The easiest way to protect our conversations is to set an access password on WhatsApp with Android and iOS. A trick as simple as it is effective: even if someone manages to get hold of our smartphone, they should know the code set to be able to read the messages we exchange with our contacts on the messaging platform. Do not know how to put WhatsApp password? Nothing simpler: in the following guide I will show you the various methods available to enter and change the password on WhatsApp. Let's see together how to do it.

Block WhatsApp with Face ID or Touch ID

Do you want to protect your chats on iPhone? What you need to do is to put a password with Touch ID (fingerprint unlocking) or Face ID (facial unlocking) and thus be sure that no one can read your conversations. This feature, introduced in March 2019, allows you to protect your chats with the same level of security as on your Apple phone. To block WhatsApp with Face ID or Touch ID you will, first of all, have to activate them on your smartphone: open iOS Settings, click on Face ID and code, then on Configure Face ID and follow the procedure. To activate Touch ID, you'll have to follow the same procedure, choosing Configure Touch ID instead of Face Unlock.

Now open WhatsApp, click on the Settings button at the bottom of the screen, then on Accounts and finally on Privacy. Here, choose Screen Lock and follow the steps to put WhatsApp password with Face ID or Touch ID.

Fingerprint unlock on WhatsApp Android

At the moment, the security feature just seen for iPhone is not yet available for Android smartphones. With a trick, however, you can set up fingerprint unlocking on green robot devices: this way you will be able to protect WhatsApp chats more effectively. Just download the Lock-Applock app and, if your smartphone has Android 6 or later versions installed, you'll be able to put your fingerprint as a password for WhatsApp.

What is Lock-Applock for? As the name implies, it locks access to certain apps (which you can choose freely) with an unlock sequence, a PIN or, indeed, by scanning your fingerprint. Just install the app, open it and, in the list of apps to protect with sequence, PIN or fingerprint, choose WhatsApp. At this point, every time you want to access WhatsApp you'll have to enter the unlock sequence or scan the fingerprint you usually use to unlock your phone.

Apps to lock WhatsApp

Applock, however, is just one of the many apps that allows you to protect WhatsApp chats with passwords. AppLocker or Norton App Lock allow you to protect WhatsApp and other apps with an unlock code or by using the fingerprint you already use to unlock your phone. In short, the same functionality just seen in detail in the previous paragraph. This procedure, however, is not possible on iPhone: to install an app that locks other apps you'll need a jailbroken phone, an operation not recommended both for security reasons and because it requires a certain technical mastery.