How to find a job on Facebook

Facebook encourages the meeting between companies and candidates looking for a job: how does the section Jobs to find a new position

Finding a job from Facebook is possible: on the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg there is no shortage of opportunities to launch the search for a new job. Thanks to the section Jobs, you can consult many offers from companies of all kinds and from all over the world.

Since the most popular social network on the planet has launched itself in the field of job offer and search, employers and recruiters have dived into this new mode of personnel selection driven mainly by the immense presence of users. More and more people are taking advantage of the platform, which offers the possibility to search for job opportunities in an increasingly targeted manner, in order to make the most of their curriculum and past experiences, to try a new career or even to land their first job.

Find a job on Facebook, how the search works

First step is to identify the job offers: to do so, you must click on the item Jobs in the column available on the left of the News section. In this way, you can browse through the complete list and start evaluating the opportunities available at the moment.

Once in the section, you can set search criteria to narrow down the field of action; among the available ones are the location, the sector and the type of work, i.e. full-time, part-time, etc. In addition, Facebook allows you to set a notification when a new offer, responding to the values set, is inserted on the platform; just click on the right column on the item Receive updates to receive a notification on your profile and not miss any opportunity.

To know, however, the open positions of a specific company is sufficient to visit its page and then click on Jobs, item in the left column. If this item does not appear, it may mean that the company in question has not yet published any offer or there are none available at the moment.

Find a job on Facebook, how to apply

Once you have found the most suitable offer for your needs, the next step is to send your application. To do this, Facebook has made available the Apply Now button. In the form that appears you must then enter all your personal data and contact details, previous work experience and level of education.

Once sent, the employer will receive a private message on Messenger with references and, if interested, can contact the candidate. None of this will be displayed on your personal profile but it's important to keep in mind that employers can access the public version of your profile, so it's best to do a quick review first to check that everything is in proper order.