How to find a job online

There are many resources for online job seekers and the Google Job Search, Linkedin and Facebook platforms help: here's how they work and how to use them

Looking for a job is a real job and there are many online ads and specialized sites on which to apply. Among the main platforms that you can use there are also aggregators such as Google Job Search and social networks such as Linkedin and Facebook.

The three platforms allow you to search, filter by location, type of contract or industry and save ads for the positions that are most interesting. They also allow you to save the most interesting ones and trigger alerts, either via email or notification, when a similar job is posted online. If with Google Job Search you'll need to enter your CV with every application, Facebook uses some of your public profile information, such as education and current employment, to speed up the process. Linkedin, on the other hand, is a social network for creating and developing a network of professional contacts, where the personal profile is a version of the user's CV that is visible to recruiters and companies.

How to find a job with Google Job Search

Job Search is an aggregator of job ads that can be accessed by doing a simple search on the Google engine. A box will open on the results page called "Jobs" and clicking on it will take you to the new screen, which allows you to filter the ads by location, date of publication, type and employer.

If you find interesting positions, before applying by clicking on the appropriate button, you can save them to submit your application at a later time. In addition, you can enable alerts that allow you to receive daily or weekly notifications for job postings similar to the search you have made. In order to take advantage of the save and notify functions, you will need to sign in with a Gmail account.

How to find a job with Facebook

Facebook also offers its own dedicated section for finding a job online. It will be enough to access Jobs from the left column of the News section to make a search for the desired position. The results obtained can be filtered by location, sector, type of job and to apply you will send a message via Messenger to the employer who posted the ad on the social network.

Facebook allows you to share some of your personal profile information, such as education and last job, and to send a complete cv directly to the person who posted the ad. Remember that your public profile will be visible to the recruiter, so it's a good idea to take a quick look at what you've shared to make sure it's all correct and give you an extra chance of success with your application.

How to Find a Job with Linkedin

Linkedin is the ideal social network for finding work online, because it's designed to create and develop your own network of professional contacts. The personal profile on Linkedin is an online version of your curriculum to be constantly updated. Those who want to give a strong signal can use the hashtag #OpenToWork both in the profile image and in their posts.

The platform is a meeting point between candidates, recruiters and employers and also offers the possibility to certify one's skills, both with a system of references from contacts and with tests to be passed to obtain badges.

The Career Explorer when evaluating a job ad shows immediately if the candidate's skills are in line with those required by the recruiter. Moreover, you can activate alerts, both via notification and email, in order to comfortably receive all the positions not only searched, but also those suggested by Linkedin based on the user's profile, skills and badges accumulated.