How to find hidden files on iPhone and Android

Not everything contained within a smartphone is accessible by the user. There are also hidden files: how to find them on iPhone and Android

Some may find it hard to believe, but not everything contained in the devices we carry around on a daily basis, smartphones, is visible. Yes, just like Windows and macOS, iPhone and Android also have hidden elements, despite the feeling of having everything at our fingertips that accompanies us while we use our smartphones.

And in some ways this is right. It's normal that those who have purchased a device, perhaps even at a high price, want to have everything at their fingertips, but it's also understandable the choice of manufacturers to hide certain files from the view of most, because if, intentionally or by mistake, if one were to be deleted - and usually it's always the "wrong" one - serious damage could be done, even irreparable. Usually the hidden files on iPhone and Android are those that the operating system needs to start the smartphone and to perform common or complex operations. So a warm recommendation before proceeding to figure out how to find hidden files on iPhone and Android: if you decide to make them visible, even out of legitimate curiosity, do not edit them and especially do not delete them. It could cost you dearly.

How to find hidden files on Android

Android, being a much more flexible and accessible environment than the one developed by Apple, allows the user to view hidden files (but you should not abuse this concession, due to the risks explained above).

On Android you just need to open the file manager preinstalled on your smartphone and look for the option to view hidden files. Otherwise, if there is no pre-installed one or you want more precise directions, just download the Google file manager - which intuitively is called Google Files and is free - open it and grant permissions.

Have done that you won't have immediate access to hidden files, you have to tap on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the screen, then on Settings and finally activate the Show Hidden Files item. This way you will be able to access the items usually hidden by the operating system.

How to find hidden files on iPhone

We conclude with the most complicated issue of all, that is, how to find hidden files on iPhone. It's good to say it straight away: Apple doesn't allow you to view hidden files around the smartphone. And the reason is simple, it's the one explained above: Apple wants to avoid that, even if only by mistake, you end up deleting a file that is crucial for the proper functioning of the smartphone.

Apple wants to avoid in any way that the phone turns into a paperweight, so it decided to prevent the user to view hidden files on iPhone, limiting to system apps and operating system components the consultation of files crucial for the "life" of the iPhone.