How to Find iPhone Serial Number, IMEI and UDID

Serial Number, UDID, IMEI. The data that identifies an iPhone are different. Here's how to find them and how to distinguish between them based on their respective meanings

Serial Number, IMEI, UDID. These are all names that can cause confusion among iPhone users. It is information that is crucial if we lose or have our phone stolen. So let's see what these terms identify and how we can track them on the iPhone

Let's start with the serial number. This is a unique code that identifies our iPad or iPhone. It's basically like the name of our device. It is the fundamental data to recognize the phone or tablet. The serial number will serve us in several occasions. Especially if we have to make a claim or a repair in an Apple Store. And sometimes the serial number will also be analyzed in case of sale or replacement of the device. To find the serial number of the iPhone just open the settings of the phone, then go to General and then click on About. In this section, click on Serial Number and mark the code.


The IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identify is another unique number of our electronic device. It is a code necessary to identify if ours is a non counterfeit phone and it is the information to provide to Apple and the authorities in case of theft of the phone. To track the IMEI of the iPhone just press on Settings, then go to General and then Info.


The UDID or Unique Device Identifier is a unique access code that is used to use the services of Cupertino on our iPhone. Basically it is the number that identifies our account with which we access the various Apple apps. To find it, we need to use iTunes.

Find UDID, IMEI and Serial Number in iTunes

To find various information about our Apple device without going through the settings, we can connect the iPhone to the Mac and go to iTunes. Just press the smartphone icon that is located in the top left corner of the Cupertino app once the phone is connected to the computer. Once you click on the icon, a page will open that will show us different information about our iPhone, including the serial number, UDID and IMEI.

Model Identifier

In addition to the codes already mentioned there is also a fourth piece of information that might be important to know about our phone, which is the number that identifies the model of the device we own. This is not a unique number, they may have other iPhones and iPads. It is the code that simply identifies what type of model we have. We do not speak of the words iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and so on, but the number that explains in what period and where the device was produced. This data serves in case of malfunctions on some models, for repairs and replacements.