How to find licenses and serial numbers of installed software

In the Activity Log you can trace the serial numbers and licenses of programs installed on your PC: here's how to do it

When we purchase a programĀ for the computer it is essential to record the serial numbers that identify the software. This information is necessary in case of renewing licenses or following any type of problem or bug. If you can't find these codes, here is how to find them in your computer.

If you can't find the serial number of the software, it is likely that the installation or renewal of the program will fail. Fortunately, there are some programs that you can download directly to your computer that will help you create a list of all the serial numbers of the software installed on your device. These programs analyze the Windows Activity Registry, or the operating system we use on our PC, to track down the codes and show them to us. Every time we install new software, the serial numbers are stored somewhere in our computer.

Software to find serial numbers

In fact, we can also search for serial numbers in the Activity Log manually. But this is a long and complex search to do. Because identifying just the serial number we need among the myriad of saved information is not easy. Moreover, almost all serial numbers are encrypted and protected, so if we were to find them manually, we would have to decrypt them. Luckily, on Windows and Mac there are several free programs that automatically perform these searches. At first, they were created to retrieve video game codes but later they were used to create a list of every serial number related to an installed software.

Uninstalled program

Sometimes with these serial code search software you can even identify a program deleted from your computer. Among the "junk" files that are sometimes saved on your PC, you can also find this information. However, this is only an eventuality. In case of a deleted software we will not be able to find the codes using this stratagem.