How to find out how much time you use your iPhone

Through the iPhone settings every user can know the time of use of WhatsApp, Facebook and any other application

How many times we have asked ourselves "How much time do I spend on the smartphone?". For many people, cell phones have become a fundamental tool that is impossible to do without: at school, at work, while we are at dinner with friends, we constantly use smartphones, putting personal relationships on the back burner.

The "fault" is to be blamed on applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger that allow you to stay always connected with any person scattered around the world. It may seem strange, but friendships are built on social media and no longer by going out on Saturday afternoons with friends. As life has shifted more and more to the online world, the time spent on smartphones has also increased significantly. But in reality, the actual time we spend using our phones is hard to time. Unless you're using an iPhone. In fact, through the settings of your Apple smartphone you can find out exactly how long we've been using apps. Here's how to do it.

How long do we use the smartphone

To find out the minutes or hours spent on Facebook or WhatsApp just go into Settings, then tap on Battery. After a couple of seconds a page will open with all the apps you've used in the last 24 hours or the last seven days with the percentage of use next to it. This way we'll find out which apps we use the most, but not the actual time spent on screen. To find this out, you'll need to tap on the clock icon at the top right of the screen, and underneath the name of the apps, you'll see their actual usage and the time they've been open in the background (which is also useful for understanding battery consumption). This way you'll get an overview of how much you're using your smartphone and understand how much you're abusing it.