How to find out if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp

Is your best friend or ex-boyfriend no longer responding to your messages? Chances are he or she has blocked you on WhatsApp. Here's how to find out

WhatsApp is a very useful tool, but it can become our worst nightmare when a person becomes very persistent and you have no other option but to block them so you don't receive their messages anymore. In fact, you can block on WhatsApp users "stalkers" or people you don't like.

But we could also be the "not liked" users who have been blocked on WhatsApp. The only problem is that the instant messaging application does not allow us to find out if someone has decided not to receive our messages anymore. How to figure out if we have been blocked on WhatsApp? To find out you will have at your disposal four different tricks, all very simple that will allow us to guess if our "former" best friend has decided to eliminate us from his contacts. The instant messaging application is very useful to communicate with our friends, but also to understand who are the people we can trust.

How to understand if we have been blocked on WhatsApp

The first trick to understand if our contact has been blocked on WhatsApp is to check if we can see the last access of our friend or our former partner. In fact, in case our contact has been deleted, it will be impossible to see the time of the last access. This trick, however, could lead you on the wrong track: in fact, the instant messaging application allows users to hide the time of their last access to all contacts and not only to blocked ones.

The profile photo

A more effective method to find out if you have been blocked on WhatsApp is to check the profile photo of our friend. In case you will not be able to see it, it will mean 99% that we have been blocked. In fact, unless the user has decided not to put a profile picture, all users are enabled to see "the cover image".

Double blue tick

When a user is blocked even if he sends messages they will never be delivered. So, another trick to figure out if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp is to check if the double check mark turns blue. If the messages are neither delivered (double gray tick) nor read (double blue tick), then it will mean that you can no longer talk to your friend via the instant messaging application.

Cannot call

The last WhatsApp trick to understand if you have been blocked is to try to make a phone call and see if our friend answers. In fact, in case our contact has been blocked, it will be useless to call: the phone call will never arrive. If after the fourth call our friend doesn't make himself heard, rest assured that he has blocked the number on WhatsApp.