How to find out what Instagram knows about you

Instagram collects a huge amount of data about us. If you're interested in finding out what the social network knows about you, here's what to do

That Instagram is the most merketing-oriented social network, thanks to its vocation for images, is a well-known fact. The platform of the Facebook group, in fact, is now the ideal place for companies to show their products, doing content marketing, but also to invest in advertising campaigns.

Also because, as in all social and especially for social managed by Facebook, behind Instagram there is a huge collection of data and information on our behavior, our tastes and those of people we follow. This large amount of data is then processed by artificial intelligence algorithms to administer us advertising that, in theory, is always the right one for us. But what and how much data does Instagram collect about us? Fortunately, it is possible to know, even with a fair amount of detail, thanks to an ad hoc tool: it's called Access Tool.

What data does Instagram collect

Going to the page of the Instagram Access Tool (only via the Web, on the app there isn't) we can view in a few clicks all the information about our account such as our previous passwords, e-mail addresses and previous phone numbers. But also profile data: every username, first and last name, bio text and links in the bio that we've entered over the years. Then there's data about our interests: who we're connected to, hashtags we follow, accounts we've blocked. And, of course, the history of our searches. There's also a whole section dedicated to Stories, polls, sliders with emoji, questions and countdowns. But the most interesting thing of all is the last section: "Ads". Here you can see the list of "Advertising interests", that is, what topics should be compatible with our tastes detected by the Social. The more we use Instagram, the more these interests should come closer to our real tastes. If we want to find out what Instagram knows about us, then, this is the section where we should dwell more.

How to delete data collected by Instagram

Now that we know how much and what data Instagram has collected about us, we might want to delete all or part of it. But we can't. In fact, again from the Access Tool, you can only delete the search history but not everything else. To make our data disappear from Instagram, therefore, we will have to be the ones to disappear from Instagram, deleting our profile permanently. To do this you'll have to go to the appropriate web page to unsubscribe from Instagram and select in the drop-down menu the reason that prompted you to say goodbye to the social.