How to find out which apps you use the most on your iPhone

Learning to know which iPhone apps you use the most during the day saves battery life: here's how

We all spend a great deal of time on our smartphones. Probably too much. The problem, though, is that almost no one is able to realize exactly how much time they spend (or lose, in some cases) on a given app every day. Just as no one can figure out, on their own, which apps we use the most.

Modern mobile operating systems, however, come to our aid and now integrate features dedicated precisely to letting us know (and therefore letting us control) how much time we spend looking at the screen. Android has the "Digital Wellbeing" feature, while iOS has the "Usage time" feature, which in English is called "Screen time", i.e. the time we spend in front of the screen. Staying in the iPhone world, then, we can know exactly which apps we use the most by comparing usage times. In this way it's easy and immediate to understand if we spend too much time on social networks, WhatsApp, a game or any other app. This is very important if a child is using your phone.

How to use Usage Time

To find out how much time you spend on each app, the first thing you need to do is activate Usage Time. Going to Settings > Usage Time we have to activate the function and tap on "Continue" and then choose if it's a personal iPhone or a device used by a child. From now on Usage Time will activate a timer every time we use an app and we will be able to see how much time we spend on apps. To do this we have to go to Settings > Usage Time and then tap "View all activities". On the same screen we'll also find the list of the most used apps, sorted just by time of use.

How to figure out which apps consume the most battery

In addition to the question of the time spent in front of the screen, which has to do with our health, there is also the question of the activity time of each app, which has to do with the health of our iPhone's battery. Many apps, in fact, keep running in the background when we're not actively using them. This isn't counted by Time of Use, but that doesn't take away from the fact that the app continues to be a drain on the battery. By going to Settings > Battery and tapping one of the columns on the screen we can find out which apps consume the most battery. We can also find out how active they are in the background and this can help us save battery.