How to find out who’s viewed my Instagram profile

Want to know who's viewing your Instagram profile? Find out the tricks to know who is following you, watching your Stories and interacting with your posts

raise your hand if, you too, would like to find out who is visiting your Instagram profile. This information is so coveted, many would sell their soul to the devil to get it. Fortunately, there is no need to bother anyone. In this regard, we have two pieces of news for you, one good and one bad.

First of all, know that there is no function, nor any app that allows you to have the complete list of all users who follow you. However, there are a few tricks that allow you to figure out which people are spying on your Instagram profile. Although you won't know exactly who is watching you, you can then get a fairly certain idea of all the users who are following you, who often opens your profile and scrolls on your photos, interacting with them. To know this information you just have to follow a very simple procedure.

Instagram Insight: how to use them to know who follows you

The first tool that helps you understand who sees your profile is made available directly from Instagram. This is the Insight, the advanced statistics that, however, are only available to those who have corporate accounts. Don't worry: you don't have to pay anything and you can easily activate them by fiddling around in the app's settings.

Open the app, enter your profile by clicking on the half-bust icon at the bottom right and from there tap on the menu at the top right (it is marked by the famous icon with three horizontal lines). In the new screen click on Settings, the last item at the bottom. Under Accounts you'll find "Create a company account". Press on it, choose Convert an existing account and follow the steps dictated by Instagram (you will be asked to associate a Facebook Page, for example) and finish the operation. After transforming your Instagram profile from Private to Business you can access Insight. These are statistics about who visits your profile: percentage of men and women, geolocation, age, actions performed etc.

To view Instagram statistics you have to enter the Profile, click on the menu icon and here tap Statistical data. On Activity, you can see the actions performed by visitors in your profile; on Content, statistics about individual posts and Stories are shown; on Audience, you have details about the type of people who visit your Instagram profile. You may find that many people who follow you are in your city, or you may find that 1% are in Rome or Milan, and then trace this information back to someone you know.

Who sees your Instagram Stories?

While it's impossible to find out who sees your Instagram profile, you can be certain of the people who view your Stories. You don't need to switch to a business account or find overly complicated mechanisms. In fact, Instagram provides this information for every Story you post. After sharing it, you just have to press on the little eye icon that appears in the bottom left corner: you will see the list of people who have seen the Story. This will allow you to understand who follows you more assiduously and sift through everything you post.

Who likes your posts on Instagram?

The last useful information, for you who want to dig up every data about your followers, is related to interactions. To know who likes your posts on Instagram you can act on the app or on the web version. To get started, again you need to access your personal profile. Select the content you're interested in and right below the image you'll find the words "People who like" accompanied by those who have given a little heart to the content. To get the full list, just tap on the people preview.

Finally, to get an overview of all the interactions generated by your posts, you can access the main screen of the app and tap on the heart symbol that appears in the bottom menu. You can find it between the + symbol and the circle with your profile picture. In addition to these icons, you also have the little house, to access the feed, and the magnifying glass to explore Interesting Content.