How to fix cell phone connection problems

Is the internet not working on your smartphone? The cause could be lack of signal or technical problems with your phone. Here's what to do

Having an internet connection on your smartphone has now become of paramount importance. It allows you to stay connected with the "rest of the world" and to keep in touch with your friends and colleagues. In addition, thanks to the LTE module and 4G connection, the data connection of the smartphone is comparable to that of the home (in some cases even faster).

But as happens with the Wi-Fi signal, it may happen that the data connection of the phone stops working suddenly. For what reason? Whose fault is it? The causes can be different: lack of signal (very trivially the smartphone doesn't pick up any more), technical problem of the cell phone, inactive functions on the device. In short, the problems may be different, but they are all solvable. You just need a little patience and understand how to move. Here's how to solve the data connection problems of your smartphone.

You can't get 4G signal

Most of Italy is covered by 4G signal, one of the latest standards for mobile communication. Compared to 3G, it ensures higher speed (up to 1 gigabit/second in download) and the possibility for users to access better content. Even if you are on the move. But the transition from 3G to 4G has not yet been completed throughout Italy and in some areas we may notice slowdowns in the connection. If the 4G doesn't take, the fault could be of the cellular signal towers that are outdated and don't support the new standard.

But not always the fault is of the phone operators. In some cases, the problem is the smartphone. Not all cell phones support 4G connection, especially older ones. And the reason is quite simple: they don't have the LTE module that allows smartphones to connect to the 4G network. In other cases, however, the LTE module is present but not enabled. To make it work you just need to download a software update.

A tip: sometimes it can happen that you are in an area covered by 4G with a smartphone that supports the fast connection, but the screen shows the words 3G. In order to make 4G work, you need to turn the data connection off and on again. In 99% of cases this simple trick works perfectly.


Tethering is the ability of a smartphone to become a Wi-Fi hotspot. In simpler words, other devices (computers, tablets) can use your phone's data connection to connect to the Internet. All smartphones integrate this feature, but you can't always use it. If you're having trouble with your 4G connection, tethering could be to blame. In fact, some phone companies charge extra to use the feature. Before blaming the smartphone, check what your phone subscription provides.

Finished giga available

Another reason why 4G network doesn't work is because we have run out of giga in our promotion. No problem with the cellular signal towers, no technical problem, very simply we have consumed all the data of the monthly subscription. To prevent this kind of problem, we suggest you install applications on your smartphone that monitor data consumption. They can be found for free on Google Play Store and App Store