How to fix iOS 11 autocorrect bug

Some iPhone and iPad users have experienced an annoying bug in the device's keyboard after updating to iOS 11.1: the "i" is corrected to "a"

Lately, some iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users have experienced a singular and very annoying bug present exclusively on iOS 11.1. Due to a system error, the keyboard of various Apple devices automatically corrects every word written with "i" into a word written with the letter "a".

Apple has promised users who have experienced this problem that it will soon fix the situation thanks to an update. Meanwhile, from Cupertino have also suggested a technique to get around the bug. According to the Apple guide, three steps are enough to solve the automatic change of "i" to "a". First, we must take our device and go to Settings. At this point we select the General item and then click on Keyboard and finally on Text Replacement. In the window that opens we click on the "+" icon to open the advanced options. At this point, let's set a shortcut key that will identify the capital "I" and the lowercase "i".

Disable auto-correction

This way, while typing, we can touch the custom button that we have inserted inside the keyboard to insert an "i", either uppercase or lowercase according to the context. If this operation seems too complex we can, always accessing the Apple Keyboard settings, disable the automatic correction. In this way, each letter entered will not be modified by the system. Of course, this is an inconvenient solution because every spelling or typing error will have to be corrected manually. The problem occurs only in iOS version 11.1. Compared to 11.0 Apple in this version added 70 new emoji and 3D Touch App Switcher which can only be used from iPhone 6 onwards.