How to fix various Netflix errors

Netflix is an excellent and very popular streaming service that allows everyone, after subscribing, to enjoy movies, TV series, shows, anime and documentaries on many different devices. And just with a simple click, together of course with an active network connection. A service, that of the giant of Los Gatos, which has in fact revolutionized our way of enjoying multimedia content, and that has managed to conquer millions of users around the world thanks to its ease of use and a rich catalog and growing.

However, it is not a perfect platform: in some cases it could happen to run into some Netflix error codes, which prevent the vision of our favorite program or movie chosen to spend a pleasant evening with friends. That's why in this guide we're going to explain what these error codes are, at least the most common ones, why they appear, how to avoid them or how to eventually go about solving them.

An error occurred on Netflix: general tips

Before analyzing specifically each of the most common Netflix error codes and its specific solution, it's a good idea to fix some basic points. First of all, in general Netflix malfunctions can be caused by network issues, hardware or software problems or Netflix itself. Most of them can be solved at home independently with direct user intervention. There are therefore some initial steps that can go to curb a generic criticality, without affecting a specific code, which we will see later in this same guide.

If for example we encounter problems on a device other than a PC, we can try to use the streaming platform of the "big N" right on the computer by connecting to the official site of Netflix and logging in with our credentials. If even in this case we see the message Netflix Site Error appear, then it means that there is a problem with the Netflix service and we can do nothing but wait for the technicians of the American company go to solve it. Alternatively, we can go check that our network supports video streaming: in some occasions, we might be able to unblock the situation with a VPN.

In other scenarios, in order to get rid of a generic Netflix error, we have to disable the unblocking software, proxy or virtual private network, the aforementioned VPN. Not surprisingly, Netflix blocks all users who connect via proxy, VPN and the like to ensure that these services and programs are not used to bypass in content blocked in a specific region. As a result, if we are in a territory that has access to Netflix, but we use a VPN for privacy or business reasons, we must necessarily disable it in order to watch all the content of the subscription platform.

Not only that, we can verify that our Internet connection is fast enough to allow video streaming. The bare minimum recommended by Netflix is 0.5 Mbps for streaming, 3.0 Mbps for standard definition video and 5.0 Mbps for high definition. In addition, a solution could be to try a different network connection from the one we usually use: if we are connected via Wi-Fi, let's connect alternatively with a more traditional Ethernet cable; if we have a second Wi-Fi network available, let's try it with a Netflix program; and again, let's try to bring the device closer to the router.

To close, a providential reboot of the streaming device, the router and the modem could do the trick. So let's turn off all devices and disconnect them for about a minute, then reconnect and turn them back on normally.

Netflix error codes: how to fix the most common ones

Metabolised the tips to curb generic errors in watching streaming content, we must now devote ourselves to specific Netflix error codes. Thanks to these codes, you can get a better idea of the ongoing malfunction. And reflexively try to find a solution to start enjoying again all the catalog made available by the company for its subscribers, perhaps with intense sessions of binge watching. Immediately below, we can then consult all the numeric codes associated with the most common Netflix errors, along with the respective possible interventions suitable to curb the problem.

Netflix Error Code 11800

We will see the error code on Netflix indicated with the numeric series 11800 when there is a problem with the playback of the selected content on a mobile device, especially Apple. Usually, the problem is accompanied by two different types of messages. The first one reads, "A problem occurred while playing this item. Please try again later or select another item. Go to for more information"; the second one returns this text: "Unable to play the title. Please try again later".

This indicates that the information on the device is outdated or corrupted and needs to be updated. The easiest and most immediate way to correct this error is to restart the device we are using for streaming playback. This action should go and erase all the old information used by the Netflix app and allow us to reload our content. If the method doesn't work, we try updating the app via AppStore.

Netflix Error Code M7111-1331

This error occurs when we try to access Netflix from a browser, and specifically from Google Chrome. First of all, it might indicate that we are using a link to a page that no longer exists, it happens for example when we are using a bookmark to access Netflix.

To solve it, let's link directly to the page Not only that, it may occur when there is an incompatibility with one of the browser extensions: let's try to disable them to fix the specific issue.

Netflix Error Code F7111-5059

The F7111-5059 error occurs when we are trying to access Netflix from a browser while using a VPN or a proxy. Considering that Netflix, due to rights issues, can only show certain content in specific countries, it prevents users from accessing movies, TV series or other entertainment content outside their home country. To fix it, we then need to disable the proxy or VPN, or alternatively locate the ones that still work with Netflix.

Netflix Error Code 10013

When a 10013 error has occurred on Netflix, it means that we are trying to download a movie or episode of a series when connected to a VPN or proxy. The on-screen message reads, "A problem occurred with this download. (10013)". As with the previous problem, you can only find a solution by disabling the VPN or proxy.

Netflix Error Code (AVF: 11800; OS: 42800;)

As many of you already know, thanks to the Netflix application we have the opportunity to download episodes or movies to our device so that we can watch them even when we do not have access to an Internet connection. However, sometimes when we proceed with this operation we might get an error that says: "This title can no longer be viewed offline. (AVF: 11800; OS: 42800;)". This means that the file you are trying to watch is damaged or has been deleted or moved. Unfortunately, if you don't have a network connection at the moment, it's impossible to repair the flaw, as you have to put the file back into download.

If you are connected, however, the error is easily fixed: just go to the Download section of the app by clicking on the arrow icon at the bottom of the app or by tapping on the menu icon and selecting the "My Downloads" item. Then choose the Edit option in the top right corner of the screen, select the file that doesn't work and click the red "X" icon to delete it.

Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

The Netflix UI-800-3 error is displayed when we are using a device such as a Blu-ray player, Roku TV set, gaming console, smart TV, or Amazon Fire Stick. Specifically, the code indicates that the information stored on the device is out of date and needs to be updated. To fix this, you simply need to restart your device.

If that doesn't work, we can try logging out of Netflix and then logging back in again. If this method doesn't work either, all that's left to do is to disconnect the device from the network, restart the router and reconnect the device.

Netflix Error Code 10023-10008

This specific error occurs when a network connectivity issue affects the ability to download content via the app on iOS. Usually, the problem goes to occur when there is a block of any kind on the Internet connection we are using, such as it can be a firewall. To correct this error, we should try to connect from another Wi-Fi network. Alternatively, the wrong time of the device could cause this problem: let's check the date and time settings of the device to make sure they are correct.

Netflix Error Code 10025 or 30103

These errors occur with the on-screen message "Unable to play the title. Please try again later." In cases like this, we should try updating the Netflix application. If the problem persists, then try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, or directly restarting the device you are using.

Netflix Error Code NW-2-5/NW-3-6

When using an iOS device, you might see the Netflix error code associated with the message "Network error. A network connection is required to continue the download." On a console, smart TV or Blu-ray player, we might see the error codes NW-2-5 or NW-3-6. All these codes direct us to a network connectivity problem that prevents the device from contacting the Netflix servers. Then restart the device to fix it, or alternatively go closer to the Wi-Fi source to pick up a better signal or use a wired connection with an Ethernet cable. If the problem persists, try restarting the router.