How to follow the Tour de France 2017 on Google Maps

Through Google Maps you can ride the stages of the Tour de France 2017 and choose routes suitable for your skills

As the Tour de France 2017 arrives in the hottest phase with the mountain stages that will decide the winner of the French race (with our Fabio Aru among the favorites and ready to have his say on the Pyrenees), Google also updates its services in honor of the Grande Boucle.

Both Google Maps and Google Search offer bike enthusiasts new features that allow them to keep tabs on the 2017 Tour de France rankings, live coverage of the race and even the results of today's stage. For those who can't follow live streaming of the 2017 Tour de France, this is definitely a help. While for those who can't help but go out by bike on Sunday morning, Google Maps has introduced routes dedicated exclusively to fans, to feel like a real professional for at least one day. And why not, repeat the exploits of the great cyclists of the past.

The features for cyclists on Google Maps

If on Sunday morning you don't know where to go with your bike, you can use Google Maps. In fact, the Mountain View company's map service has a function dedicated exclusively to bicycles that can be activated by clicking on the icon with the horizontal lines at the top left and then on "Bicycle". Depending on your geographical location, the most suitable stretches for a peaceful ride will be shown on the screen. Dark green will indicate stretches dedicated exclusively to bicycles, light green will indicate dedicated lanes, and a dotted line will indicate areas without a bike lane but that can be used by enthusiasts. In addition, lovers of the 2017 Tour de France will be able to check whether the most challenging stages (those in the Alps and Pyrenees) can also be covered by amateurs.

How to follow the 2017 Tour de France on Google Search

The search engine has also implemented new features dedicated to the Grande Boucle. Those who can't follow the Tour de France 2017 live can ask Google Search for help: just search Tour de France or some related word and all the most important information about the French race will be shown. The user will be able to find out who is the Yellow Jersey, who won today's stage and who is first in the points classification or who leads the Under 25 classification. An alternative but very useful way to stay informed about the 2017 Tour de France.