How to forward WhatsApp messages secretly

To make a good impression with impressive Christmas greetings, it is possible to forward messages to many users without letting them know that we copied the text

We want to make a good impression with a Christmas wish on WhatsApp special, which manages to impress the people we chat with but we do not have anything particular in mind? Well, we can copy a phrase received from another person who had impressed us.

Okay, you'll say but since a few months ago WhatsApp introduced the label to mark forwarded messages we risk making a bad impression. Or rather there is the danger that the person to whom we send a Christmas wish, Happy New Year or any occasion can understand that the catchphrase we have chosen in reality, as we used to say at school, is not really "all our own work". WhatsApp has rightly taken this choice of the label of forwarded messages to make users understand when an incoming text has been generated by another user and thus prevent the spread of fake news, scams and the annoying Chains of San Antonio within the platform. Fortunately, there is a trick to still send a forwarded text on WhatsApp without letting our interlocutor know.

How to send forwarded messages secretly on WhatsApp

The trick is very simple to put into practice and does not require the installation of third-party applications. When we find a funny or exciting phrase sent by another person we can make a good impression by forwarding it to another contact without letting him know that we copied it. How? Easy, go to the chat where there is the phrase that we want to "steal", hold down on the text until they appear on the screen tools (top) and press the icon in the shape of two overlapping sheets (the second from the right). Once we have done this we will have copied the text that interests us, so let's go to the chat room of the person with whom we want to make a good impression with a catch phrase and hold down on the space where we write the text. An option called Paste will appear and we have to press on it. At this point the text will appear in the chat and we can send it without letting anyone know that we have actually copied it.