How to get Amazon Music Unlimited free for 3 months

Music Unlimited puts a database of over 50 million tracks in every genre at your disposal. Here's how to listen to it for free for 90 days

With over 50 million tracks available, Amazon Prime Music Unlimited is one of the most comprehensive and versatile music streaming services around. A paid version of Amazon Prime Music, Music Unlimited was introduced in Italy in September 2017 and allows you to listen to music without interruption (and offline, downloading playlists to your device) from smartphones, PCs and Echo smart speakers.

The sector, however, remains one of the most competitive and, between giants of the caliber of Spotify and Apple Music, or new entries such as YouTube Music, it is difficult to carve out your own slice of the audience. For this reason, the e-commerce giant launches several campaigns to promote its use among Amazon users and Prime subscribers. These days, for example, you can have Amazon Music Unlimited free for 3 months by making a single purchase on the e-commerce platform conceived by Jeff Bezos.

How to have Amazon Music Unlimited free for 3 months

The promotion, launched by the e-commerce giant in the last days of February 2019, allows you to listen to Music Unlimited free for 90 days on any device. All you'll have to do is buy on Amazon one of the eligible products among the thousands available and wait to receive an email that will allow you to activate the offer.

What are the products that entitle you to get Music Unlimited for free? It is not known, exactly. Amazon, in fact, has not released a "shopping list" as it usually does. However, it shouldn't be too hard to find one. Just browse through the categories of e-commerce and sift through the product description to find out whether or not it is part of the promotion. The entirety of Amazon's book catalog makes you eligible for the 3 months of Music Unlinited for free, but other products sold and shipped by the e-commerce giant also make it possible to join the offer.

The three months of free music, the contest rules notes, is only valid for the individual monthly subscription and is not valid for customers who are enjoying or have already enjoyed a period of free use of Amazon Music Unlimited and who are already subscribed or have been subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited