How to get Christmas greetings in video on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a very good tool to make video calls between a few people and proves to be the ideal platform to exchange Christmas greetings at a distance

Christmas is just a few days away and this year, much more than in the past, many families will spend this holiday divided and without the opportunity to physically reunite. Technology, fortunately, helps us feel a little closer and offers us the possibility to exchange greetings and spend some time together with video calls.

The important thing, however, is to choose a platform that is easy to use for everyone, including family members who are a little older. WhatsApp is probably the best, since there are now a lot of smart grandparents who know how to use it. The WhatsApp group calls, therefore, this year will become one of the favorite methods for Italians to exchange Christmas and New Year greetings, with only one limitation: they can accommodate a maximum of 8 people. There is a method to get around this limit, which is to use a shared Messenger room on WhatsApp. Here's how to make both types of family video calls.

How to make video greetings to each other on WhatsApp if we are not more than 8

Let's start with the simplest case: the family is not composed of more than 8 people. Or, rather, no more than 8 smartphones to connect at the same time. There are three ways to achieve the same result: starting from a group chat, starting from the Calls tab and starting from an individual chat.

The easiest thing is to create the classic "FAMILY" group and, from within it, tap the camera icon. The video call will start immediately and all smartphones of the group members will ring. Se il gruppo è composto da più di otto persone, però, sarà disponibile solo l’icona della telefonata di gruppo (una cornetta telefonica con il +).

In alternativa è possibile entrare nella scheda chiamate e fare tap sull’icona delle telefonate di gruppo (la stessa di prima: cornetta +). A questo punto dovremo fare tap su “Nuova chiamata di gruppo" e poi su tutti i contatti che vogliamo aggiungere (con il solito limite di 8). Infine, dobbiamo fare tap su “Videochiamata“.

Il terzo modo per farci gli auguri di Natale in video su WhatsApp è partire da una chat individuale con uno dei familiari. Qui dovremo fare tap su “Videochiamata" e, dopo che la videochiamata è iniziata, toccare “Aggiungi partecipante“. At this point, all that's left to do is to repeat the operation for each of the family members we want to invite to the Christmas greetings video call.

How to get greetings in video on WhatsApp if we are more than 8

If the family members to call are more than 8 (again: 8 smartphones), then we'll have to use another method: launch a Messenger Room from within WhatsApp. In this case, the procedure is less intuitive, because those who do not have Messenger installed on their smartphone will have to do it right before entering the call. So you need a Facebook account.

For this reason, we invite you to read our guide on how to use the Room function on WhatsApp, with step-by-step explanations. The maximum number of people we can video call in this way is 50.