How to get found online: tricks for professionals

It happens more and more often that professionals such as electricians, lawyers and accountants find new customers on the web. Here's how

Getting found online is by no means easy. And it's even less so for all those freelancers forced to face an increasingly fierce competition and a tool - that of online marketing - not always easy to "master". In short, finding new customers online for a plumber, an electrician, but also for an accountant or a medical specialist is less simple than many would have you believe.

The aspects to be taken care of, down to the smallest detail, are in fact multiple. Having a showcase website, in fact, is not enough to appear in the first results of the SERP and, in this way, have an increase of visitors and new customers. Taking care of the online presence requires a precise strategy, within which the most various channels are taken into consideration. The website, as important as it is, is only one step in this strategy and must be part of a larger project. Let's see how.

Local SEO and online presence

A professional, regardless of the sector in which he or she is active, must pay particular attention to local SEO. As the name implies, this is the branch of Search Engine Optimization dedicated to "local businesses", active in a specific geographical area. If you live in Milan, for example, you will want to find a plumber, an electrician or an optician who is in your vicinity (knowing that in Rome or Reggio Calabria there are very good professionals, in fact, will serve you little).

When you put in place strategies for positioning on search engines, therefore, you must think about how to be found by your fellow citizens or, at most, by those of the cities of the same province. There are several steps that must be taken in this sense: first of all you have to insert the data of your business in all the platforms that allow you to do so.

Then you have to open a tab on Google My Business and fill in all the fields with the correct information (name of the business, industry, address, opening hours, contacts and so on). The same data will then be added to social profiles and other platforms that allow you to take care of your online presence. The data, of course, must be consistent, so as not to confuse search engines and, more importantly, customers.

Platforms for professionals

Another important source of traffic (and new customers) is represented by the platforms for professionals, designed to "meet" supply and demand in various sectors. Having a profile on these sites, also allows you to improve the positioning of your business on search engines: a double advantage that is always better not to give up.

Platforms such as PG Casa, for example, allow you to open a "personal" file of your business, entering all the relevant information and contact details. And that's not all: with PG Casa you will be able to interact directly with potential customers, sending them quotes for the work requested and thus finding new customers for your business.

Advertising, email and social

Other tools not to be underestimated to promote your business online are represented by advertisements, email campaigns and social profiles. An accurate use of these channels will improve the brand awareness of your business, make you known to new users and activate processes that can help turn them into customers.