How to hide your Instagram online status

Do you want to protect your privacy on Instagram? Here's a quick and easy trick that will allow you to become invisible in the eyes of your fans

Instagram is now such a popular and well-known application that the average user knows how to use it very well and believes they master it perfectly. Its very simple and essential interface, both in the Android and iOS versions, conveys the idea that all the features of Instagram are at your fingertips and that there are no tricks to discover.

But that's not the case: Instagram has some little-known features and some of them can be very useful. One, in particular: hiding your online status. Thanks to this often ignored feature, in fact, you can become invisible on Instagram and escape the curious eye of some of your followers and thus protect your privacy. Contrary to what you might think, it's a simple operation, very useful and that will take you just a handful of seconds.

What does it mean to become invisible on Instagram

When a user looks through his Instagram Direct messages or in the "Send to" section while creating a Story he sees a list of users. Some of them will have the words "Active Now" with a green dot next to them, while others will not. The first ones are just the users who are online at that moment on Instagram. This means that if the first user feels like chatting with someone, he will be able to choose who to do it with by fishing for a contact from that very list. In addition, he will also be able to know when you were last online: if you are not "Active now" there will be the approximate time of your last access.  All this could become a nuisance, if you don't want to let others know if and when you are online. But then, how to hide your status on Instagram?

How to hide your Instagram online status

The procedure to hide your status on Instagram is not difficult: on Android open the Settings, go to "Show activity status" and disable the option. On iPhone, on the other hand, you have to open the Options and then go to "Privacy and Security" and then to "Show Activity Status" and disable the option.

When you disable your status on Instagram two things happen, besides the fact that no one can know that you're online anymore: the first is that the last access disappears as well, the second is that you won't be able to know who is online. By enabling the right settings, then, you can in a sense use Instagram incognito but, at the same time, you'll never know if another user is online with you or when they were last online.

Not letting others know your status is one of the basic measures to protect our privacy on Instagram: in certain cases, for example, it's good that others don't know if and how much we use the application. If we haven't set up a private profile, in fact, anyone can follow us on Instagram without us reciprocating the follow and therefore can know when we were last online to post something. With the trick we just explained to you, though, others at least won't be able to know when you used Instagram to look at other people's content and if you're online right now.