How to improve Iliad reception

If in our home or work area the Iliad connection should not be the best we can use a little trick to improve the situation

Iliad, the French low-cost phone company, has been operating for a few months in Italy as well. In the Italian market, the transalpine company has brought a real revolution, for the type of monthly offers, for the transparency of additional services and especially for the low cost of its tariff plans.

Iliad, in Italy as well as in the rest of the countries where it is active, is characterized by monthly offers, rechargeable or credited to bank account, with a low price but with many gigs of Internet included.

The offer in force at the moment provides 50GB, plus SMS and unlimited calls for 7.99 euros per month.

The advent of Iliad in Italy has led to a general lowering of prices of the various operators and has also stimulated the emergence of other low-cost companies such as Ho.Mobile, run by Vodafone. It must be said that at the beginning there was a lot of skepticism about Iliad, especially about the quality of reception and the speed of the Internet connection.

On the front of the quality of calls, there is little to complain about compared to Iliad,

at least if we live in big cities: here, in fact, the signal coverage is quite good, allowing users to have browsing speeds comparable to those of other operators. If we live in a small town, in a rural area or in the mountains, it may happen that Iliad signal coverage is not equally efficient.

Unfortunately, however, we can solve these Iliad reception problems in a simple way.

How to check Iliad network coverage

First of all, if we haven't switched to Iliad network yet and we are thinking of activating the latest offer in force of the French company, there is one thing to do before activating a new SIM or making a number portability: check the coverage in our area.

Check if where we live or where we work the Iliad signal arrives is really simple, take a smartphone or a computer and connect to the official website of the French low-cost company.

In the portal we scroll to the bottom to find the item check coverage. To understand if in our area Iliad arrives, just check if the name of our city is located in a white or red zone.

If it is colored red we can rest assured, the service is guaranteed.

How to improve Iliad signal

If we have activated an Iliad SIM without first checking the coverage area or if after a move we have noticed some slowdowns in connection speed or holes in the reception there is a little trick that we can use to improve the Iliad network on our smartphone.

By default,

our phone is set to receive 4G Internet signal (if it is a device not too old and without this technology). Unfortunately, however, if we are in an area with Iliad coverage with lower quality hardly we will be reached by the 4G signal, we must then set the reception for 3G, thus significantly improving the stability of the connection.

How do you do it? It's very simple, go to "Settings" on your smartphone and then tap on "Network Connections" and then on "Mobile Data", in this tab deactivate the 4G signal while keeping active the wording 3G.

And that's it, we'll receive only this type of signal that will allow us to surf online slightly slower but much more stable and above all we will avoid drops in reception during calls.