How to improve the quality of Spotify music

The famous music streaming app automatically sets the quality of the tracks being played, but luckily we can change this option

Usually on Spotify music is played in a pretty good audio quality. And this applies to both the iPhone and Android apps. But if we're fans with a decent knowledge of sound, we'll surely have noticed that every now and then Spotify has quality drops.

How can we avoid having tracks played with a lower quality? And in general, is it possible to improve the music playing on Spotify? Before answering these questions, we need to make a clarification. The popular music streaming app has an automatically set audio quality. A default setting that lowers the playback quality every time we cross a point where the connection is weaker. This is to prevent the song being played from freezing. If we want to change this setting, fortunately, we can do it manually from the app.

Increase quality on iOS

The automatic sound setting on Spotify varies between 320, 160 and 92 Kbps depending on our data connection, or Wi-Fi speed. For some, however, this solution may not be enough. If we have an iPhone (but the steps are the same on iPad and iPod) to increase the playback quality of Spotify we just have to launch the app and then go to "Your library", which is located in the main menu at the bottom right. At this point a new page will open and here we have to click on the heading "Music Quality". If we have a free account we will only find the Streaming item, on the contrary if we have a premium account we will see the two sections Streaming and Download. If we don't have a subscription, in the Streaming section we must select the "High" option. This will ensure constant playback at 160Kps. If we do have a subscription profile, we should select the "Extreme" option, which will allow us to have a quality of up to 320Kbps.

Increase quality on Android

The same changes can be applied just as easily on Android. We always go to the "Your library" item in the bottom right menu after launching Spotify. At this point we press on the gear icon at the top right. In the new page that opens, we have to scroll down until we find the words Streaming: and choose from the pop-up menu the option Maximum quality.  Be careful, however, depending on the data plan you have signed with your operator this choice will increase, and not just a little, consumption.