How to improve the Wi-Fi to surf faster

To improve the speed of Wi-Fi there are solutions at no cost that everyone can use: here are

The Wi-Fi has become a fundamental presence in our lives: we use it every day and for several hours to stay connected to the Internet from any device (smartphones, tablets, computers, consoles, smart TV, just to name the most used). But Wi-Fi, like any other technology, has some problems that limit its operation and especially the quality of the signal. How many times have you been unable to watch a movie on a platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video because the signal was too low?

To solve the problem of slow Wi-Fi, you can take some simple steps to improve the quality. The result is not guaranteed, but in most cases they work. Moreover, to improve the Wi-Fi and surf faster is not necessarily necessary to spend money: in many cases just simple tricks, such as moving the router from one room to another to have already acceptable results. Here's how to fix free Wi-Fi and improve signal quality.

How to improve free Wi-Fi

With some simple tricks and tricks you can improve the Wi-Fi signal and therefore also the connection speed. The first thing to do is to always check the position of the router: it may happen to have it placed in a room away from the rest of the house, or inside a closet. These are factors that negatively affect the quality of the signal.

Our advice is to put it in a central room, to place the antennas well in order to cover as much space as possible and especially to keep it away from walls and thick walls. This, in fact, affects negatively and makes the Wi-Fi slow down. If after moving the router, the Wi-Fi is still very slow, the cause could be the number of connected devices. If the router is not a top of the range one, it happens very often that it cannot support more than three, four devices connected at the same time and limit the speed of the connection. In these cases, the only solution is to use the Ethernet cable to connect a few devices that support it, such as your PC or laptop.

How to fix Wi-Fi by spending a few hundred euros

If none of the free advice has had any effect, you just have to make a small investment to improve the Wi-Fi in your home or office. Buying a top of the line router is definitely the best solution. However, the device must have very specific characteristics, such as a number of Ethernet ports sufficient to support at least a couple of devices and be certified for Wi-Fi 6, the new standard that will arrive in the next few years and will ensure better quality and speed of connection.

In addition to the new router, you can also think of buying Wi-Fi extender, devices that connect to the main Wi-Fi network and extend the power and coverage. In this case the expense is not excessive: with about twenty euros you can buy a good quality Wi-Fi extender. Alternatively you can think of building a Wi-Fi mesh network, but in this case the expense exceeds well over 100 euros. On the other hand, you will not have problems with the speed and coverage of Wi-Fi.