How to increase memory on Samsung phones

With a historic Windows technology recently applied to the Android world Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G manages to "magically" increase its RAM

Memory on electronic devices is never enough. In an ideal electronic object, we would put infinite RAM and storage space, but in the real world this is not possible. There has to be a limit, but almost always moving it as high as possible has huge production costs, which are then reflected in the purchase price paid by the user.

Products with a lot of RAM and a very large internal memory cost, and not just a little, so we are often called to a choice of compromise, perhaps relying on frequent backups or storage space in the cloud to memory saturation. On the storage space, in short, the methods to remedy there are even if manufacturers increasingly snub the slots for memory expansion. If anything, the problem is the RAM, that is the memory to run the apps, which once chosen during the purchase phase can no longer be changed. In fact, in the past, it could not be modified. Now you can: Samsung proves it, but several Android manufacturers have demonstrated it recently by implementing the so-called virtual RAMĀ (or, as someone calls it, "expanded RAM").

Virtual RAM on Galaxy A52s 5G

Samsung has just introduced it on Galaxy A52s 5G through a software update. It seems that the Seoul-based company is testing the solution in preparation for a wider launch: its introduction at the moment concerns in fact only the Galaxy A52s 5G, however, limited to active models in India.

A strange choice, that of Samsung, which suggested that the company may have decided to test the innovation on a (relatively) limited number of customers before distributing it elsewhere on a larger number of models. The virtual memory in fact could favor mainly the mid-range or low-end smartphones of a few years ago, on which you could "virtually" increase the RAM in order to make them more agile and therefore more appropriate to the passage of time.

The firmware that brings virtual RAM to the Indian Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G is the A528BXXU1AUH9, which in the changelog reports stability improvements, bug fixes, performance optimizations and "RAM Plus" - Samsung calls it like this - that allows you to transform up to 4 GB of storage space in virtual RAM, to be added to the real RAM of the device, for a total of 10 or 12 GB of "hybrid" RAM depending on the version purchased.

Virtual RAM is not the only thing Samsung is doing

Virtual RAM is a recent innovation in the Android landscape that could increase the life cycle of a smartphone by moving forward the time of replacement, with many thanks to the planet for the electronic waste saved.

Samsung is just the latest to join the ranks of other manufacturers who had already embraced the idea of virtual RAM, such as Realme who manages to get close to 20GB of total RAM with GT Master Edition, or OPPO who recently inaugurated RAM Expansion: we recommend you read the article if you want to learn more about the concept of virtual RAM.