How to join a Telegram group

Telegram groups are divided between public and private. While entering mei the former is easier, for the latter you need an invitation

Telegram groups are a very effective communication tool for both companies and individuals, they can have up to 200,000 members each and, like all Telegram features, are cross-platform: you can use them from Android and iOS smartphones, but also from PC and Mac. But how to join a Telegram group?

Before answering this question, it is necessary to explain the difference between groups and channels on Telegram. These are two tools that are similar, but not identical and that have different purposes both for those who administer them and for those who sign up. Among the groups, then, a difference should be made between public and private ones because the methods of entry are not the same. The first thing to do if there is a Telegram group in which you want to enter, therefore, is to inform yourself well if it is really a group or if it is a channel and, if it is really a group, if it is public or private.

Difference between groups and channels on Telegram

A Telegram group is, said in very simple words, a collective chat. It can be made up of a few members as well as many, and can have multiple administrators managing them. If the administrators activate the permanent history, then, even those who enter the group last can read the messages previously exchanged by other members. A Telegram channel, on the other hand, is a one-way communication tool: they are used to spread messages to a wide audience that, however, can only read and cannot participate in the discussion.

Differences between public and private groups

There is also a difference between public and private groups. Public groups can be searched using the internal search function or other external search engines. Private groups cannot. On the Internet you can find many lists of public Telegram groups, divided by topics, in which you can join without any restrictions.

How to join a Telegram group

If you want to join a public Telegram group, you must first find it. Either via the search function or via direct link. When you've found it you just have to click on the "+ Join" button that you find at the bottom of the chat window and, from that moment, you're inside the group and can read and write. To enter a private group, however, you need an invitation. You will have to contact one of the administrators who, if he wants you to join, will have to send you the invitation link by going to "Group Info > Add Member > Invite via Link". At that point you will receive the link and you only need to click on it to enter the private group.