How to learn languages with Netflix

Some people use Netflix not only to watch their favorite shows, but also to improve their English, French or German. The video streaming platform offers the possibility for users to choose one of the languages in which the TV series has been dubbed or insert subtitles. This method is effective if you already know a foreign language, but it is useless in case you have to start from scratch. How to do in this case? Very simple, install on Google Chrome the extension Learning Languages with Netflix that allows you to learn a language while watching movies and TV series.

How does the Learning Languages extension work? Very simple: after installing it on your browser, Netflix will show you a translation of the subtitles you have set by default. For example, if you want to learn English, you can set the subtitles in Italian through Netflix, while the extension will show the translation in English. In this way you'll be able to learn new terms quickly by comparing them directly with your native language. The extension is free and can be installed on both Windows 10 and Mac. For the moment it is not available for the smartphone.

What is Learning Languages extension

The extension supports thousands of video contents present on Netflix. For each movie or TV series you will be able to choose the language in which the subtitles will be translated. At the moment, only the most used languages are supported, including Italian, Spanish, German, French and English, but in the future the database available to Learning Languages will be expanded.

In addition to the possibility of seeing a double subtitle, the extension also offers other features. For example, it highlights less common words and uses language commensurate with the user's experience. For each word you can also listen to the exact pronunciation. Learning Languages is very useful, especially if you have to travel to a country whose language you don't know: you can learn the basic words to say hello and ask for directions.

How to install Learning Languages

The extension can be downloaded from Chrome's online store. It is free for the moment, but a paid version with premium features will be released in the future. After downloading, the installation will be automatic.