How to listen to Spotify on Echo

With Amazon Echo you can listen to all your favorite songs using your Spotify account: here's how to set up the smart speaker

One of the most used features of Amazon Echo is listening to music. It's very easy, just say "Alexa, play Laura Pausini" and the smart speaker will let you listen to all the most famous songs of your favorite singer. In addition to the artist's name, you can choose to play any piece of music, an album, a playlist, or all songs in a musical genre.

To play music, Alexa relies on Amazon Music Unlimited, the Seattle-based company's streaming music service, which is very similar to Spotify. If you don't have a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited, you can listen to music, but with some limitations: for example, you won't be able to choose the song or the album. To be able to listen to songs with Amazon Echo using Spotify you need to change some settings via the Alexa app and have a premium subscription with the streaming music service.

How to configure Spotify on Amazon Echo

To be able to use your Spotify premium account on Amazon Echo you need to follow a very simple procedure and within a few minutes you'll start listening to your favorite singers. First you need to have set up your personal account on the Alexa app and have a working Amazon Echo. At this point launch the app and press on the icon with three horizontal lines: from the menu that opens select "Settings". In the new screen press on Music and then on Spotify. At this point you have to follow all the steps that Alexa will ask you to connect your Spotify Premium account with the smart speaker. Once you have completed this step, go back to the Music section and press on the "Select default music services" button, a new page will open and put a check mark next to "Spotify" and save. At this point you will be able to play music on Amazon Echo using Spotify.

What you can do with Spotify on Amazon Echo

To check that the configuration has been completed successfully you need to do a "field test". Order Alexa "play Vasco Rossi songs on Spotify": if after a few seconds Amazon Echo will start playing, then it means that everything went well.