How to listen to the radio on iPhone and Android

If your smartphone doesn't have a radio function, you can tune in to numerous radio stations by downloading ad hoc apps to your smartphone

Radio, a long-lived tool that continues to maintain its appeal, despite the advent of many other technologies. Indeed, with the spread of cell phones, more and more people are listening to the radio. However, not all smartphones have an integrated FM system. So how do you listen to the radio?

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you can tune in to your favorite station, even if your device doesn't have the function that allows you to receive radio broadcasts. And it's also very simple. You don't need to buy any wireless device to connect to your cell phone. All you need to do, to listen to the radio on an iPhone or Android, (whatever the model) is to open the Apple and Google stores: in the two markets you can find several "radio" applications.

You understand, then, that to listen to the radio on your phone you just need to download some apps. You don't know which ones? Don't worry, just follow this short guide.

TuneIn Radio

Undoubtedly, one of the most used and appreciated apps for listening to the radio on your smartphone is TuneIn Radio.

The application, available for both Android and iOS, allows you to tune into many Italian and international stations. The radio stations are organized into categories and also divided by genre. On "Local Radio", for example, stations available based on one's geographic location are included. Users can also choose to click on "Sport", which includes sports stations, or click on "News", a category that groups radio news. And more. Alternatively, TuneIn Radio also gives the possibility to directly search for one's favorite radio station.

Another app, useful for easily listening to many radio stations, is, available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. The app includes about 30 thousand domestic and foreign stations, again divided by genre and location. Like TuneIn Radio, includes many additional features, such as an alarm clock radio. is also compatible with Google Cast, the system that allows you to stream content to other devices, such as speakers and TVs. One of the most interesting features is the one that allows you to search for the songs and artists currently playing on the radio.

MyTuner Radio Italia

Despite the name, which would make you think of Italian radio stations, on MyTuner Radio Italia you can listen to stations from 200 countries. The application allows you to tune in to more than 40 thousand radio stations, 1000 of which are Italian. Like TuneIn Radio and, stations are divided by genre or by city or country. My Tuner Radio also lets you create a list of favorites, or listen to your radio on iPhone and Android in the background.

Radio Italia FM

Radio Italia FM is an application for listening to exclusively Italian radio stations on mobile devices. It is very easy to use to tune in to the numerous stations available. It has an automatic switch-off feature and also allows you to search through the 20 most listened to radio stations. The application is only available for Android users.


Let's close with Spotify, the famous music streaming platform. Those who have already downloaded the application already know that, in addition to songs, you can also tune in to various radio stations for free. Pure Spotify is available on both green robot and Apple devices.