How to listen to YouTube Music for free on Google Home

Do you want to listen to YouTube Music for free from your Google Home? From today you can. You don't have to subscribe to the premium version. Here's how to do it

The Mountain View giant has made a gift to its users. From today, those who own Google Home can listen to YouTube Music for free. Until now, in fact, it was possible to broadcast music from the smart speaker only by subscribing to the premium version of the application. A nice novelty for all those who like to stay at home with a nice personalized playlist in the background.

Just say the command "Hey Google let me listen to some rock on Youtube Music" and that's it. The streaming service competes directly with the free version of Spotify, which can be listened to through various smart devices, including Google Home but also Amazon Echo. In short, is this just a way to steal some ratings from the rival app? Many argue that Google actually wants to track more complete profiles of its customers, in order to provide increasingly personalized services.

Youtube Music for free on Google Home: here's how to activate it

Listening to Youtube Music for free on your smart speaker is incredibly easy. Of course, you need to say the voice command, introduced by the classic formula that everyone knows "Hey Google...".

Want to try it out? First, you have to specify the name of the app especially if you've been using another service up to that point: the smart speaker records your every choice and may decide to start the streaming platform you usually use. To change this preference, you can access Account Settings within the Google Home app. From here, tap on Services > Music. Here you can select Youtube Music as your preferred app.

And this service is no match for the more famous Spotify. On the contrary, with the free version of YTM you can skip all the songs you want, without suffering any blocks or restrictions. This allows you to listen to all the music you like, and allows Google to build music choices based on your preferences in a short time.

When to choose Youtube Music Premium

If you want to avoid listening to commercials between songs you can always subscribe to Youtube Music Premium for a price of 9.99 euros per month. Paying users have many other advantages, for example they can listen to specific albums or songs on their smartphone even when offline. Not only that, when you listen to the Premium version, you can use your cell phone at the same time, without the music being interrupted. You can try it for free for 30 days.

While if you just need to listen to music from Google Home, you can use Youtube Music for free. The service is not active worldwide, but only in some countries. These include Italy, as well as the United States, Mexico, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Spain and several European states.