How to lock and unlock iPhone screen

Read this comprehensive guide where we will teach you how to set iPhone screen lock. Find out now how to protect your data on your Apple smartphone!

You care about your privacy and want to prevent someone from snooping on your smartphone, with our guide we'll teach you just how to lock and unlock the iPhone screen so that your applephone is always safe. Maybe you don't know, but you can lock your Apple smartphone both remotely and locally. Let's see how to do it right now!

Remote iPhone Screen Lock

Did you forget your iPhone at your friend's house or at the office and want to lock it so that no one can peek into your smartphone data? To perform iPhone screen lock, you need to connect from your computer to and sign in with your Apple ID. Then, click on the Find iPhone icon, type in your Apple ID again and, after a few seconds, you'll see the Apple Maps map appear.

Now, click on All Devices and, in the menu that appears, click on the name of your device. Do you see a green dot next to the name of your iPhone? Good sign, it means you've located the phone and can lock it. If, however, you can not locate your smartphone, you can not lock the screen. Remember that if the phone is turned off or not connected to the Internet, it cannot be found.

When you have found your iPhone on the map, click on the Lost Mode icon that you see in the upper right corner. Then, follow the directions that appear on the screen. You'll see that it's very simple, you just need to type in a phone number, set an unlock code and then a custom message. Once you're done, hit the Finish button. To find and lock your iPhone remotely, you can also use the Find iPhone app, which is available for devices made in Cupertino.

How to lock iPhone screen with unlock code

Now let's see how to lock iPhone screen in case you forgot to set the unlock code when you set up your phone after buying it. First, tap on the gear icon, to access the iPhone settings, and then select Touch ID and code from the screen that you see appear.

Then, continue by tapping on Enable Code and type twice the 6-digit code that you need to lock the iPhone screen. You also have the option to create a 4-digit unlock code or set an unlock password consisting of numbers, letters and special characters. You need to press on the Code Options item and choose custom alphanumeric code or 4-digit numeric code from the menu that appears. Then, type in the code or password, copy it to the next screen and you're done.

Iphone screen lock with Touch ID code

Let's see now how you can perform iPhone screen lock using Touch ID code. With this system, you can lock the screen of your phone simply with your fingerprint. You just need to access your iPhone's settings by pressing the gear icon, select Touch ID and code from the screen you see appearing and type in the phone's unlock code.

If the iPhone Unlock option is not enabled, move its toggle to ON. Then, tap on Add a Fingerprint and follow the prompts to set up your fingerprint recognition. Then, place your finger on the phone's Home button and when you see the words Adjust Grip on the screen, pick up the iPhone and place your finger on the Home button again. Perfect, now you've locked the phone's screen with your fingerprint.

Unlock iPhone Screen Lock

If, then, you get tired of typing the code or using Touch ID every time you need to use your phone, you can always unlock the iPhone screen lock. How do you do that? We'll explain it right now! As always, you have to access the settings by tapping on the gear icon, then select Touch ID and code and type in your PIN. In the screen that appears, tap on Disable Code and tap on the Disable button, to confirm the operation.

Now you don't have to enter the code to use your iPhone. Do you want to remove Touch ID as well? No problem, the process is very simple. Open the settings by always pressing on the icon marked with a cog and tap on Touch ID and code. At this point, all you have to do is uncheck the checkmark next to Unlock iPhone in order to disable the use of fingerprint. Now you know how to set and unset the iPhone screen lock whenever you want, to protect the data you have on your phone.

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