How to lose weight in a short time thanks to technology

Thanks to technological devices you can lose weight in a short time. Fitness trackers and smartwatches allow you to keep track of your physical activity

Vegan diet, low carbohydrates, fruit and vegetable centrifuges: in recent years people have tried the most varied ways to lose weight. But they are not always effective, especially if they come from the web and are not supported by any scientific test.

Very often to lose weight is enough to follow some simple rules: Mediterranean diet, eat healthy meals and do some physical activity (go to the gym, a light run in the park or a bike ride with friends). Nothing too complicated and that can be followed by any person. Also, thanks to technology you can keep track of your weight and activity at any time. Thanks to smart scales and fitness trackers, any user can monitor via their smartphone their efforts to lose weight.

It may seem trite to say, but having a technological device that monitors your weight and supports you during your physical activity can be very important. Especially for people's heads. Seeing every day of the week that one's efforts (physical but also mental) are rewarded with a few pounds less on the scale, allows people to give their all and reach the weight threshold they have set for themselves. Here are all the technological devices that allow you to lose weight gradually and in a healthy way.

Fighting diabetes (and losing weight) with a fitness tracker

A sedentary life inexorably brings some health problems: the most common is diabetes. In order to fight boredom, we gorge ourselves on junk food and our body suffers the most. Sale il livello di glucosio nel sangue e si è costretti a utilizzare farmaci per non avere conseguenze ben più gravi. È possibile prevenire il diabete seguendo delle semplicissime regole: oltre a una dieta equilibrata, basta fare poco più di cinquemila passi al giorno per smaltire un po’ di zuccheri che si accumulano nel corpo. E per tenere sotto controllo il numero di passi basta un semplice pedometro presente in qualsiasi wearable disponibile sul mercato. Anche un fitness tracker da poche decine di euro è sufficiente per monitorare il numero di passi e ricevere una notifica quando si raggiunge l’obiettivo minimo. Un’alternativa valida agli activity tracker sono le applicazioni fitness per smartphone e tablet. App come Google Fit o Runtastic monitorano in background l’attività fisica della persona e raccolgono dati sul numero di passi effettuato, la distanza percorsa e le calorie bruciate.

Allenamento in palestra con le giuste applicazioni


Un uso intensivo degli smartphone può portare anche a malattie pericolose. Premi sull’immagine per scoprire le patologie 2.0

Le camminate salutari possono poco o nulla se l’obiettivo è perdere peso in fretta. Ai cinquemila passi da compiere ogni giorno è necessario aggiungere almeno tre allenamenti settimanali in palestra. E anche se non siete amanti dell’allenamento a corpo libero è necessario rimettere in sesto i propri muscoli per avere una vita più sana. Here, too, technology comes to the rescue: on the Google Play Store and the App Store there are many apps that offer guided workouts to get in shape and lose weight. Carrot Fit, for example, offers a circuit of twelve exercises of thirty seconds each to be done free-body. The application has been very successful and has a rather high number of downloads. Lose It!, on the other hand, has the objective of making the user lose weight. To achieve this, it is necessary to complete the "missions" that the application assigns to the user and that include free body exercises and exercises with equipment. Finally, if your goal, in addition to losing weight, is also to increase muscle mass, one of the best applications is GymBook, a "library" with all the exercises you can do in the gym with practical examples and explanatory images.

Interval training

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It is usually thought that a regular run for an hour and a half brings more benefits than an interval training with continuous acceleration and recovery. This is actually not the case. In fact, changing pace several times allows you to burn more calories and accustom your body to the efforts. Fitness trackers and smartwatches are a great help if you want to do this type of workout to lose weight. In fact, activity trackers like the Fitbit Blaze or a smartwatch like the Apple Watch offer the possibility to set your own type of workout and provide advice and incitements on your physical activity. On the screen you can monitor your data and find out how much time is left before you have to change pace again. An innovative method but one that pays off: after the first 3 or 4 weeks you will already start to see the first progress and even the scale will give a favorable response.

Check your meals

In addition to physical activity, it is very important to keep your meals under control. A balanced and healthy diet is the best way to lose weight. In order to monitor the calories of the food you are eating, it is very useful to always have with you an app like MyFitnessPal, at the moment the best app to control your diet. MyFitnessPal allows you to create a personal account where you can enter all the food you're eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner and monitor that you haven't exceeded the maximum calorie limit. This way you'll always know for sure if you're sticking to your diet.

Always drink consistently

The best way to cleanse your body of toxins and harmful substances? Drink plenty of water, of course. After prolonged exertion, it is necessary to rehydrate all the minerals lost during training. But drinking plenty of water is also good for you when you're resting. As doctors recommend, the amount of water to drink every day is at least one and a half liters, which increases in case you do physical activity. And even in this case there is an application that lets you keep track of the amount of water you take in during the day. AcquaClock is one of the best and can be installed in a matter of seconds on your smartphone.

Buy a smart scale

The scale is a key tool when you are trying to lose weight. Alcune aziende hanno sviluppato delle bilance intelligenti che oltre a pesare le persone permettono di avere altri dati molto importanti e che danno la possibilità all’utente di calibrare al meglio i propri allenamenti. Le migliori sul mercato sono le bilance smart realizzate da Withings e Fitbit, due aziende con diversi anni di esperienza nel settore dei wearable. Questi dispositivi raccolgono alcuni dati come l’indice di massa corporeo e lo inviano direttamente sullo smartphone dell’utente. Il Body Mass Index (BMI) è il modo più semplice per sapere quanti chili si dovranno perdere per tornare in una situazione di normalità. Grazie alle bilance intelligenti si potrà monitorare la propria situazione settimana per settimana e vedere se gli allenamenti stanno dando i propri frutti.

Dormire bene


Dormire bene, premi sull’immagine per scoprir i migliori dispositivi sul mercato per monitorare il sonno

La qualità del riposo è fondamentale per affrontare al meglio gli allenamenti del giorno dopo. In questi casi tornano utili ancora un a volta i fitness tracker. Infatti, molte aziende hanno introdotto dei sensori che monitorano la qualità del sonno delle persone e forniscono dei consigli su cosa migliorare. I disturbi del sonno sono uno dei motivi principali dell’obesità delle persone. Dormire male provoca nervosismo e di conseguenza per cercare di tornare calmi si fa uso di cibo spazzatura con un alto numero di calorie. For this reason, solving the problem of sleep is of paramount importance to be able to lose weight in a short time.

Keep moving, always

Once you reach your goal, you should not stop doing physical activity. In fact, far from it. And in case you relax, fitness trackers or smartwatches will remind you that the park is waiting for your daily workout. In fact, activity trackers have a notification system that sends a message to the user with the time of the workout. The best way not to put back pounds and fat mass is to continue with the physical activity without decreasing the intensity even for a minute.

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