How to make content on Instagram: what the new official account says

Instagram launches new account for influencers and creatives. It's called Creators and has useful features for those who publish their content on the app

In recent times, Instagram has been affected by major changes. The most recent one is the dimming of likes decided by the app last week. This small revolution has aroused the attention of many users, especially influencers, showbiz personalities and those who, in general, earn money from the social network.

If, on the one hand, the company has decided to remove the Likes from the posts, on the other hand it has launched @creators, a new type of profile designed specifically for creatives, which is added to the two already existing, namely the personal and corporate ones. For the moment, it's available to a limited number of users, but it's poised to become the preferred account for anyone who uses the app to present projects, ideas and initiatives to the world, influence purchasing decisions, start new fashions and create their own community or fan base. To get more information on the new type of account you can access the dedicated channel, which is called just @creators and offers several ideas to start creating your own content.

New Creators account on Instagram: the features

Incourage the production of original and creative content, providing a set of tools to succeed: this is the goal of the Instagram Creators officially launched on September 30. However, the first experiments were started last year, when in the United States some users had the opportunity to transfer their account from corporate to creator.

This is a configuration that allows creatives to really focus on the effectiveness of their content, just as said by Instagram Product Manager Ashley Yuki in a recent interview: "Content creators are very important to the community, and it's our duty to make sure that Instagram remains the number one platform for those who want to create their own Brand Identity or fan base".

Currently, @creators is not only a new type of profile, but also a real channel that offers tips, tricks, guides, case studies useful for making content and creating a fan base. It also offers several statistics that explain how the Stories are used by users, or even tips to create mini-clips suitable for the social network.

Instagram Creators: how is it different from other accounts?

The first difference of a Creators account compared to other types is related to private messages that can be divided into two categories: General and Main. On one side there will be incoming communications from friends, on the other side those from fans.

Another difference concerns Insights, that is, statistics. There will be a new panel called Audience where the account growth is shown, specifically defollowers and new followers. The user will be able to immediately notice if the publication of a specific content has caused a growth spike or the opposite.

Who is the Creator account available for?

As mentioned, this type of profile cannot be used by everyone for the moment. To find out if it is available for you, go to your profile and then to Settings. In the list of features, you'll also find the "Account" item and from there you'll have to check if the words "Switch to an account creator" appear. This option is normally available for those who already have a business profile.