How to make GIF from YouTube video

How to make a GIF from a Youtube video? There are many ways but here we reveal a secret method to create a GIF in a very easy and fast way

GIFs have invaded social networks and beyond. They have become more familiar than an emoji and are often more effective than a voice note. They're also used on WhatsApp, in long email threads and even in Instagram Stories. They make content fresher and funnier, which is why they are often used by businesses as well.

In short, there are few users who can resist the allure of GIFs. Some have become part of web history, while others are created from scratch to express a mood or comment on a situation without the use of words. Many successful GIFs are created by accident, perhaps inspired by a scene from a movie or a video posted on Youtube. If you've landed here, this is probably also your case: you've just seen a movie online on Google's platform and you definitely want to turn it into a funny animation. There are so many platforms that allow you to make GIFs from Youtube videos. Some of them are really easy to use.

How to make GIFs from Youtube with Giphy

Giphy is the most popular website for creating GIFs from your own videos and images or those you already have online. To use the service, you need to connect to the platform and choose the source file or URL.

If you want to create GIF from Youtube, you need to click on the Create button located on the top right of the Home Page. After that, a window will open that also offers you the possibility to paste the video to convert directly. Giphy also supports Vimeo links. After finishing the upload of the Youtube video, the platform shows the preview of the GIF offering the possibility to choose the start point (Start Time) and the duration of the animation (Duration). Besides, in the interface you can choose among different commands to customize the GIF, for example you can add text. When you are satisfied with the result, just click on Create GIF to get the animation ready to share on social networks, blogs, emails, chats and many other channels.

The secret method to create GIFs from Youtube

There is an almost secret method, which allows people to create GIFs from online videos even easier than Giphy.

To get started, just access Youtube from desktop and open the video you want to turn into GIF. To start the process, just type gif before youtube in the URL of the video you want to turn into GIF and press ENTER. For example, an address like will become At this point, you are directly redirected to the platform and the video to be edited appears in the interface. As it happens on Giphy, it is possible to choose the start, end and duration time, as well as a series of customizations. To finish the operation, you must wait a few seconds and click Next. The platform provides the link of the GIF to share online or allows you to download it in different formats and sizes. To perform the latter operation, you have to subscribe to the GIFS service and log in. After logging into the platform, you will be able to download all the GIFs created by Youtube.