How to make group video calls on Facebook Messenger

The instant messaging application will allow you to make group video calls up to a maximum of fifty users

In recent years, Facebook Messenger developers have been working hard to improve the instant messaging application, often listening to users' suggestions. And for Christmas 2016, the Menlo Park-based company has decided to offer users the ability to make group video calls.

This new feature will make very happy users who have been clamoring for it for a long time. Every month there are more than 245 million video calls made on the instant messaging application and thanks to the new feature the number will only increase. Facebook aims to conquer the slice of users who usually use Skype to organize their work. Group video calls are just the latest service created by the company from Menlo Park to improve the daily activities of employees around the world.

How group video calls work

The new feature will be launched for both the mobile version of Facebook Messenger and for the desktop. The operation is very simple: the first step is to update the application to the latest version available and then enter one of the many groups to which you belong. In order to make the video call you have to click on the video icon in the upper right corner and in this way you will send a notification to all participants in the group. To add yourself to the group video call, just press on the notification and sign in to Facebook Messenger. Video calls support a maximum of fifty users, but only 6 will be displayed on the screen (of the other 44 people you will only hear their voice).

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